Saturday, April 01, 2006

عبدالفتاح احمد سعيد مبروك

Abdil Fattah Ahmad Sa'eed Mabrook

I wasn't annoyed by the fact that today they discovered the first case of HUMAN birdflu in Jordan as much as his confidentiality was disrespected.

If his name was declared without his permission, he has the right to sue the Ministry of Health.

Get well soon Abdil Fatta7!


Firas said...

Sue him eh?

The minister of health "ENG".Darwanzeh came out clear from the Bad milk scandal?

How about the Turkeys shipment form Israel even though Bird flu was discovered there for a while? Nothing happened!

There is no one to spreak up, and we don't have a decent opposition.

Hamzeh N. said...

Inshallah begoom b 9e77a wo 3afyeh.

hamede said...

And sue the city of karak for all the jameed the got.

Batir Wardam said...

The poor guy is an Egyptian so his relatives will not smash the windows of the Minister's car! It is easy and safe to publish the whole name.

Hareega said...

firas ... the opposition is focusing on liberating palestine please don't disturb them.

batir wardehm... it's a problem among the entire health community in Jordan (to which the minister of health does not belong) that patients' confidentialities are not respetced. Some doctors even never heard of it.