Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Typical Jordanian

Is there a picture in your mind for a typical Jordanian?

Is it an old man with a somewhat dark skin and a Hatta over his head and a Kashra on his face? Is it an old woman wearing Fallahi with wrinkles all over her face almost totally obstructing her small black eyes, and three thick lines of tattoos running down from her lips down her chin?

Is it a young man wearing a collar shirt with some of his chest hair showing up thru his partially-buttoned shirt, with the names of fifty girls on his cell phone but can barely call any of them? Or is he a person who wakes up early every morning weaing a suit and works 12 hours a day?

Is it a young a lady who wants to study and work so bad to prove that she can be as good or better than a man or is she just hanging out in college and can't wait for the lucky dude who'd marry her and ask her to stay away from work?

What does the typical Jordanian speak? Does he speak Arabic only and avoids English because he's not good in it, or does he sbeak english to try to imbress othar beoble? Does he speak 3arabizi with a lot of "ya3ni"s and "pecause"s or does he only speak in english pecause it makes him superior to his co-workers and friends?
And what does the typical Jordanian think of those? Would he be impressed by those speaking in English or does he think they are super-fagets with their brains polluted by the media driven by the West?

Does the typical Jordanian like having an affair before marriage? Does he still wanna marry a woman traditionally or does he want to be with her for 3 years before he talks to her father? Does he want all people to know each other before marriage or does he secretly rejoice when he knows that an "honor killer" got away with his murder?

What does the typical Jordanian girl think of relationships? Is she totally against it, or does she strongly want one but can't have any? How far can she go with the typical Jordanian man in a relationship?

Does the typical Jordanian still exist? Does he look like Abu Mahjoob or is Abu Mahjoob only the old typical Jordanian? Does he look like Muhamad el Wakeel with his simplicity? Does he look like Som3a with his naiivity? Does he look like King Hussain (bless his soul) with his humbleness?

Does the typical young Jordanian love to eat and eat and stick his ass to a sofa all day long or does he spend a third of his salary and time in the gym? Can the typical Jordanian girl cook like a chef or does she spend half an hour making fried eggs?

Is the typical Jordanian generous that he can truly give you offer you more than he afford, or is he stingy and would complain if you had a cup of coffee at his house? Does he always give the poor or does he have to look for what charity means everytime he hears about it? Is he friendly? Is he tough? is he tough and friendly? Does he respect women or is he a chauvenistic pig?

Do you still have a picture of "the typical Jordanian" in your mind?


Dar said...

Well you cant have a typical jordanian representing all social levels , you cant have one jordanian representing all generations , you cant have a typical jordanian for a community who has been exposed to several ideologies ....... I guess that there is multi typical Jordanians

salam said...

interesting questions you pose out there!!I will be thinking about all this stuff!

and life goes on... said...

I believe with every new generation there's a new creation of a 'typical Jordanian'!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dar. We were just discussing this issue yesterday with my friends. Siply, the typical Jordanian varies according to the Social Level. I mean, cultures are different among the social levels in our societies, dislike most of countries, one culture despite the social levels. Ya3ni, the poor class of our societies has their own culture, Man working all day, most women stay home raising dozen kids, she is not allowed to work or maybe going to college. they are stuck to traditions and someone religious in their definition of religion. then comes the middle class, another different culture, they are a bit more openminded, etc... khalas zh2et. you know the rest.

Abu 7amarneh said...

Man,, the other day ,,, i met a typical jordanin,,, here in dubai,,, after 5 years in dubai,,, still he has the "me-you-go home-how much" mentality,, this is how he thinks of relations

his english dictionary is smiply "yes/no" sometimes.. yup (inno shab kool)

bil3arabi ,, 7afartali wa fade7na wein ma kan,, w ma tensa inno 3arree6 w shwai be7isso kan 6ayyar fi maz3'aro

maybe he is not typical,, bs fee minno kteer,,

hadool lazim yen7argoo 7areega :P

kozo said...

"Is it an old woman wearing Fallahi with wrinkles all over her face almost totally obstructing her small black eyes",
I think you mean badawi not fallahi, there is a big difference.

Khalidah said...

I guess the typical Jordanian has bits of all profiles you listed .. and you will sense this in many of the things they do ...

change takes a lot of time and more importantly; commitment .. but they will always stick to what they are or what they have as long as it is working for them and is convenient ..

wedad said...

you are soooo right fi elmuasafat!!
hareeega :)
but i dont have answer

whisper said...

I'm with dar in his openion but i think there's some commen thing's that all Jordanian inherit's them generation after generation like
"kasharah" and that every one think he's the hero of his era :)

Hareega said...

ok cool so it's not only me who noticing the diversity among Jordanians these days. In old times we were not as different as we are now but i guess this happens with every community when it gets largers and is exposed more to the world. It's not always healthy though!

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