Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Old pictures from Jordan- PART TWO

King Abdullah and Glub Basha in 1947.... that year my grandfather started looking for a wife

Five Jordanian Dinars, from 1949. If my grandfather had this money in his pocket he would have immigrated to Switzerland.

Picture personally signed by late King Hussein in 1952.

This is an issue of Time Magazine in May 1948 (King Abdullah- King of TransJordan)- I HAVE THIS MAGAZINE!


kinzi said...

RRH, what a treasure! Thanks for posting!

salam said...

no way..fares you have the magazine?wow this is wonderful..hey keep them coming..lovely pictures.

Dar said...

Wow , those pic are intresting , i have never seen them , if u have more pic u can post them or even u can scan that magazine ..........

Anonymous said...

Nice collection ,your help is needed to access MADAS new blog at the Jordanian Planet which was readily available ,when I tried for the past 2 days to read her post ,I get a log in Word Press !!! asking me user name and pass word !! do you have a clue ,that can help me read her blog ? if you do my thanks in advance .

Hareega said...

anytime kinzi :)

salam, i got the magazine today by mail. It discuseed the situation in our region that time more than it talekd about the king, i'll make apost in the future about it.

Dar.... i'll keep posting more and more.

anonymous Madas's blog is