Thursday, February 22, 2007

America is Stupid

America has the best univeristies and teaching insititutes in the world. American univerisites, hospitals, research labs have contributed more than any other country in the world to the advances in technology and medicine that we are witnessing today.

When you evaluate the "intelligence" of any country, you gotta look at people in general, what are they interested in, what do they watch or talk about.

For the past 3 weeks , the news coverage in the most popular and legetimate news channels (like CNN, NBC, FOX news) have focused on 3 stories:

1- A woman who drove a long distance to go kill or kidnap her boyfriend's mistress! She happened to be an astronaut.

2- Britney Spears shaving her head.

3- Anna Nicole Smith's death. If you don't know who is this woman, you don't need to. She's a strip dancer who married an old man to get his money then worked in porn/fashion/movies and was involved in many lawsuits. She has a daughter that nobody know who her father is.

Isn't there a fucking war going on?


Sami Majed said...

Hareega, nothing piss me off more than this thing: those who analyze and cover the war on Iraq and the middle east crisis are the same who cover Anna Nicole Smith death and the trial over her body!(to be fair, her body deserves all these proceedings :D).. I became sick from CNN, everyday I open the TV; AC360, Larry King Live, Paula Zahn, Glenn Beck (the Mother %*^#&@) all on Anna Nicole ... It's pathetic.

Hareega said...

YEah Glenn Beck is especially an SOB, watch his interviw with Keith Ellison on youtube in case you've missed it, and watch Jon Stewarts commentary on it,
Anyway I believe Jon Stewart and Jay Leno are currently the best sources for news these days in America.

nido said...

You forgot to mention sth important about the astronaut. She was wearing a diaper -the whole time- :s It's really sad and disgusting what's on the news these days! I'm glad we have no TV at home:)

Tiger said...

Guys one question if they dont talk about this issue what is it that they going to talk about?

do u think america or americans really care for what happens outside america well simply they dont this is my openion.

so when there is no news they are creating some but this time they failed in being not boring that is why it came to ur attention:)

el tapatio said...

look for what you want want and you will find it. it is true that American main stream media caters to people that feed on fear, track celebrities, or are local centric. however Hareega, just like you said in your first paragraph, America, despite all what is shown on the news, is still the leading technological force in the world, the biggest economy in the world, and the country with the most opportunities available to any willing soul. now, if you have fallen in the American media's trap, then nobody else is to blame. but, if you choose to look at the intellectual, intelligentsia part, then you are in to be amazed of how many smart, insightful people exist in this country.

whisper said...

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Betqa said...

Well, I've always said exactly what you are saying. America is stupid. And it is. Unfortunately, after having travelled around the world, I have come to the conclusion that most places are stupid in their own way. I personally didn't even know who the hell Anna Nicole Smith was until a few days ago and I think it's stupid that her life or death should take up so much airtime. I'll give Americans one thing though, most of them, when they are legally of age, actually do know how to support themselves, take care of themselves and pay for their own way through college. Whereas over here in Europe and in the Middle East, most people I meet and are already in their 20s or even 30s still either sponge off their parents financially, still live with them and don't even know how to use a washing machine yet. That kind of all seems pretty pathetic to me too.
Oh, by the way, when I was in Amman and told people I live in Slovenia, most people asked me if that was the same as Pennsylvania in the USA and didn't know it was a country in Europe (and these were people with university degrees).

kinzi said...

Tiger, I'm an American. I didn't read one word about Anna N or the latest Britany deal. Most of my friends can't be bothered with this stuff, it's a waste of life.

El Tapatio and Betqa got it right.

Stupidity is a worldwide human condition, it's not limited to America. America just seems to broadcast it's stupidity more clearly!

NAR said...

The average American is over-stimulated when it comes to TV. Hundreds of channels to watch, and usually they work too much had have little time to watch TV or even to care about anything houtside of their direct environment. They miss nothing, and if they do, the go about getting it. In the Middle East people don't control their destiny and that is why they care about what is holding them down. Do we arabs care about the Mangolia, New Zeland, Paragway for example as much as we camre about America and Europe?! We are no better than the people you are critisizing. I don't watch CNN, Fox and these news channels because to me they are entertainment channels. I get my news online.

Dima (an oriental blog) said...

Here are some statistics that i found interesting by Journalist Ralhp Begleiter:
63% Americans can't find Iraq on the map.
75% can't find Iran or Israel.
50% can't find New York city.
22% believe mass-destruction weapons were found in Iraq.
2006-American troops survey- 70% said they are fighting Saddam for what he did in 9/11.
ABC channel is owned by Disney

Hareega said...

nido... yeah that diaper, how disgusting!

tiger... the ones working in news channels are not idiots, they can make any important story very exciting

El tapatio.... I really don;t think the solution would be asking people to stop watching news channels. It's like asking people to stop driving cars to avoid getting into a car accident. I love TV, and I love to get news from watching TV because you can get all the news immediately with an image. Most Americans watch TV, and they deserve to learn more about the facts that change their lives.
The war in Iraq is the worst thing that happened to America in a looong time, and we can argue about that later, but it's defintely a very vital issue and I don't find the typical American interested in it as much as s/he should be. I'm sure if you look for smart people you'll find the most brilliant ones in the US, but you really have to LOOK for them. The dumb are everywhere around you.
That's the case in all countries, there's the dumb and there's the genius, but the lack of intellgence sometimes results n a disaster like having George W. as a president or all the miscpnceptions Americans have of other countries. If you want to compare people inn general, I think Iraqis 3% of which carry PhD degrees are among the smartest people in the world however they are portrayed in American media as idiots who love to kill each other.
I didn't mean to be offensive it's just some of my rage on how some TV stations in third world countries provide their viewers with much better news bulletins that that in the most powerful country in the world.

whisper... good one! LOL!

Betqa.... I totally agree , Jordanians can sometimes be the dumbest people on earth, but that doesn't. It does not result in unncessary wars being started and stupid people ruling the whole world. In America ignorance is not a problem it's other people who pay the price of it.

kinzi... I agree with you stupidity is universal, but ignorance in a third world country might be expected but ignorance in the strongest country in the world can result in disasters (as we see), and it's usually others who pay for it.
Sorry if you got offended.... some rage

nar.... I think we are becoming more stupid with time as well, but we pay ourselves for the price of our own stupidity.
Dima... interesting stats, not surprising

Firas said...

No no no no..

America is not stupid.

Faris Americans few decades ago fought for their civil right, and freedoms.

The only difference is, that when Vietnam happened, people were marching on the streets, now you don't see people marching against the Iraq war (as much as their was during the nam)....Why?

MSM broadcasting that kind of stupidity 24/7 (You forgot all about Fox), the question is: Who does the Media work for? Big money? The people? Corporations of war?

America is not stupid, it is just hypnotized

andy said...

MSNBC = Monotonous Shows w/ Nothing But Trash

Given daytime MSNBC's almost incessant coverage of the Anna Nicole non-story, this so-called 'news channel' must think its initials stand for M(onotonous) S(hows) w/ N(othing) B(ut) T(rash).

Tucker Carlson defended this mind-numbing coverage by saying that it helped boost ratings,--- a line of thought sadly similar to Jerry Springer's. If MSNBC's criteria for coverage is only money/ratings, --- there can't be any other merit in this case --- no wonder it fails to see the depravity of giving any attention to a story about money-grubbing over a dead stripper.

And now an HOUR LONG SPECIAL on this nonsense! Unbelievable.

Future market research will probably show MSNBC has succeeded in capturing a loyal following of the entire trailer-trash market but lost the rest of us.

Goodbye, 'Monotonous Shows with Nothing But Trash' channel.

Tiger said...

kinzi ,Hareega I am not accusing americans of being stupid becoz if they were stupid they wouldn't govern the world that is a fact.

I consider them careless and prejudgemental I mean all the time they build their views and openions without realling knowing just their knowledge and openions on other nations are just too shallow. that is a pure result of their cultural and edicational system that considers america as the world and you dont have to learn more about the planet earth u live in becoz simply it is all here in america which is very sad.

Tiger said...

nar.. regarding us as arabs at least we do know where is mangolia and it is a country not a commercial product and we know that there was a masacar in kambodia. we know these stuff but again we dont judge upon this shallow knowledge and u ll not find kambodians in our Comedy centrals if we have one some day as idiots that kill each other.

You know why? simply becoz we dont trust our media and our states the tragedy was and still that americans trust their media and if you see what their media broadcasting 90% of the time you ll know that this is so tragic.
I have to highlight one issue thoough is that the benifit of the war in iraq that americans started to little bit loose this trust so I hope they would someday start searching for the good views.

Batir said...

As a member of the generation that was educated by Anna Nicole Smith I have to express my sadness for the demise of her body. It seems she was surrounded with all kinds of nasty people including her own mother.
Having said that I cannot judge the Americans since I did not live there but I still recall a very interesting study by National geographic expressing complete ignorance by USA student of basic geography facts even in the USA landscape itself.

Amer said...
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Amer said...

Man, you should see the photos/video of Britney attacking a paparazzi!(Or u may had already seen them)
Its really creepy/sad/funny, especially with the new look :S
And I agree with Firas that its hypnotized! But with some bits of stupidity and shallowness!

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

oh forget the war man, ask a bypasser a simple 5th grader science question or some geography and the L magically appears on their forehead.

Hippo said...
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Hippo said...

couldn’t agree more, it is totally bizarre; you see (hear) the two opposites concurrently….
However, this gives one the options he/she rarely catches elsewhere, and this is "a" single gain, where he/she chooses.

Lubna said...

faris. weinak. I miss your posts and your comments.

lina.Q said...

hi there
u just asked a simple question..
isn't there any war going on..
and the answer for u and me and people who are living in the middel east is not the same answer for those who care about the bold head of britny..and that porn movie star...
they really dont care about any thing happens out side usa..
stupid people with a missleading media..that covers their goverment's ass..

Hala said...

Very true, it is just so frustrating. I am sick and tired of hearing about Anna Nicole Smith's husbands and Britney's bald head! What the hell is wrong with them?

ruder said...

America is real Bullshit, because all this nice country never grew up and found out, oh there is more to my life then my school next door, my sherif next door, and there is alot more then stars and stripes which are on all my photographs.
Amerca is based on stars and stripes, country music, pick up trucks, chouc potatos and chewing gum

well that was the reality in the last decades.

Now america is torture, non democracy, a deamon of president, thousands a dead people, without a reason, america is trying to
play tricks to any othercountry. America is trading democracy like trick and treat, but in the worst way. All Americans will spit on human rights. Go back to there hometowns and torture humans to death, by there public laws and still give a damn on human rights

At all america is a fashist country and it's no wonder why islamic persons want to destroy it.
I mean it want make any difference, because the is no knowledge ther is yust misunderstanding and ignorance to black and poor.

America should go back to where they belong, to a stinky small hole made aut of couch potatos and chewinggum, which is there horizon