Monday, February 19, 2007

Relativity at its best

I walked into the room to see this new patient. She had a tear tattoo on her cheek.
A tear tattoo is common among gang members and it signifies that she had killed at least one other person in her life. It was somewhat scary to even be with her in the same room, but she was a sick patient and she needed treatment.

Anyway we were suspecting a severe infection in her blood (sepsis), I found on her record that she had several STDs (sexually-transitted diseases) in the past.

I asked her the regular question, "Do you have multiple sexual partners?"
"No, I don't" she said
"how many kids do you have ?"
"Do you know who their father is?"
"Yes I know who are the fathers of four of them, still not sure about the fifth one"
"Yes, each kid has a father, but I don't know about the fifth one"
"I thought you told me that you didn't have multiple sexual partners"
She got a bit angry and answered, "It depends on what do you mean by multiple!!"

Here's a picture of the tear tattoo.... :)


Lubna said...

freaking.... naivly i'd prefere to think they exist in movies only!

Hareega said...

Unfortunatley they don;t only exist in movies. They are present in several countries and 33 out of 50 US states. They chase and brutally murder anyone who testifies against them. They hang people in front of their houses after torturing them.

They have different ranking systems and the only way to get promoted in the gang is to kill more people.

Jad said...


kinzi said...

I don't know why gang activity is not cracked down on more harshly. Scary. Boy, you are getting more than just a medical education there!

7aki Fadi said...

I wonder what she thought you meant by multiple...hmmm let me think, maybe more than one at the same time...LOL

Or or, more than one on the same day.

Batir said...

I think those people should be called terrorists and bombed by Bush.

The Observer said...

Poor soul!

Can't you provide her or at least recomment her any psychiatrist treatment so that she sould leave thing gang thing?

Bassel said...

did she ask you out?

Khalidah said...

Wallah this is sad and scary at the same time ... I cannot even imagine what these people are capable of and how cruel they become ... they really lose their humanity ...

Be careful my friend :)

Anonymous said...

Didn't you just break 10 million HIPAA rules right there ;)? Do you have the right to refuse to treat a patient and refer him/her to another colleague?

Hareega said...

hey thanx for reading

anon... no i didn;t break any rule, regarding the second question yes i can refuse to unless it's an urgent situation that might result in a permanent disability , but i don;t think i'll deny treatment to any patient regardless , the lady was not offensive despite throwing the F-bombs about fifty times when i was talking to her

Maha said...

In Australia, the teardrop has an entirely different meaning. It is forcibly marked on convicts who are accused child molesters. This mark is then used as a justification for the beatings and abuse of the wearer. The teardrop in this case, represents the tears that the convict will cry, eternally

Manqooool :D

FullThrottle said...

I came here cause "someone" mentioned this to me and thought i'm anonymous but I would just like to say no HIPPA laws were violated in any way and Im a HIPPA compliance officer and I will vouch for my friend hareega in any court of law anytime anyplace. :D

maha...good to know if i ever go to Australia. yay for random facts!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. I didn't mean for anyone to lose sleep over my comment! Fullthrottle- Enticing Career choice. Let's be friends ;)