Tuesday, February 06, 2007

First Impressions

I met Dr. Carpenter

He pretended to be smart, "You have a Turkish name"
(nothing Turkish in my name)

"No it's Arabic, Jordanian, I'm from there"
"wow , it's interesting how you guys there heard about the Univeristy of Arizona, how did you know about us?"
"My father did his PhD here thirty years ago"

I saw Dr. Carpenter again, re-introduced myself
"Are you from Turkey like Dr. Osman?"
"No, from Jordan."
"Wow, it's interesting how you guys there heard about the University of Arizona, how did you know about us?"
"Actually I know it from my father, he did his PhD here thirty years ago"

Today..... met Dr. Carpenter again, re-re-introduced myself

Later, he started talking about the good reputation of the University of Arizona
"You know, people from all over the world know about the University of Arizona. I once met a Turkish doctor who came here because his father studied here long time ago"

"Really! Isn't that something?" , I answered while thinking in my mind "May God help his wife"


Moey said...


Anonymous said...

HILARIOUS* 3lashan Miss. &aki fadi ma tiza3al <<"saktat sahwan"
Arizona is the place to make it memorable!

7aki Fadi said...

This comment is for an older entry titled "O Canada... We will be there":

NO WAY, I live here , woohoo I am going for sure .they just finished building a new stadium , it's pretty cool. And stupid me I was like, laish 3am bibnoo this staduim.

By the way , I didn't even know this happened , thanks to blogs I kinda know what's going on in Jordan and in Canada too...LOL...I am useless

Lubna said...

faris.... you cracked me up at Roba's.
had to say it here

Mala2e6 said...

god help his patients not his wife..

how can u ever deal with a senile doctor like this?

next time you see him..you atart it:
hello dr carpenter..are you by any chance realted to family najjar in jordan? i thought you were jordanian..sorry my bad..

kinzi said...

Late again,Hareega, but had to add how funny this was. (and say 'amen' to Lubna on your wit at Roba's too!)

It takes the cake for stupid American jokes/videos that seem to be everything.

I'm sure this Dr. is a blond :) Please let that be his excuse. Please don't let him be practicing medicine! "oh, was it his left leg that needed amputation? Not his right arm?"

Summer said...

Really funny!!!!

Amer said...

loool, alla y3eenak, let's just hope that he'll be retired next year

Hareega said...

7aki fadi, thanx for reading old posts, i might get some real complicated visa problems if i leave the US so i won't be able to make to Cananda in the summer to watch the world cup, enshalla el world cup el ba3do !

mala2e6, hehe good correlation ! well some doctors really mix up lots of non-medical stuff however when it comes to medical practise they stay pretty good! Probably he was just not interested when he was asking me the first time thats why he didn't remember what i told him.

kinzi.... hehe well he's got gray hair now, i don't know if he was blond before , definitely he got the blond genes hehe ,
well thank god he's a dermatologist not a surgeon!

summer,lubna, amer, moey... thanx for reading

EarthChild® said...

i never commented on any of your posts, but let me say that you have a fan back in Jordania, who classifies your blog of her favorites. man, you're hilarious!

keep scribbling.


7aki Fadi said...

Guy, I am addicted to your blog...seriously...I am ditching some work because of you... all those hilarious Arabic entries. Bottom line guy, I need a life...LOL

About the world cup, too bad you can’t make it. You think they will broadcast it on TV?

Hareega said...

earth-child... thanx a lot, i'll kep scribbling!

7aki fadi, i'm not sure they'll broadcast it, they should but after all soccer channels did not shoiw Argentina-France game and instead showed Spain-England game fifty million times,
I lost all trust in American and Mexican channels , my heart is with the team!