Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mikro-Blogging: Alasta Wa3adtani Ya Qalbo Etha Ma Tobto 3an Layla Tatoobo,Fa Ha Ana Ta2ebon 3an Hobbi Layla, Fa Ma Laka Kullama Thokerat Tathubo.Baa2.

- The incident of a man throwing a shoe at Bush was of personal interest. As I saw Bush ducking away from a shoe thrown at him, a few memories from childhood came back to me.

- I don't have hot water in my house, haven't had it in a while now. You may be a good shower singer, but nothing makes you a good dancer like showering with super cold water at 6 am.

- Jordanian doctor Mohammed Asha, who was charged with conspiracy to murder and cause explosions and was linked to terrorist organizations, was found not guilty. So he spent one year in jail and probably won't be able to continue his residency because of a crime he did not commit. On the bright side he now has his own page on wikipedia.
- Royal Jordanian should build up a few fancy bathrooms next to their gates and encourage all of their passengers to drop their biggest possible piece of shit in these bathrooms instead of doing it on the plane heading to the 13-hour flight to Chicago.

- Excuse me, but if you're a woman who decided to have many kids that keep playing around, scream their lungs out and cross streets in my neighborhood without any supervision, then I will give myself the right to go and squeeze back that little kid up there from the exact the place where he came from.

- I've discovered the best time to do Christmas shopping: January.

- I keep trying to convince guys my age that they shouldn't look at the mirror when they shave. By now they should have figured out how their face's texture looks like and how and where exactly to shave. They still don't believe me, not sure if this has anything to do with the 2 cuts I have on my upper lip.

- I cannot believe that the Lebanese haven't figured out who assassinated Al-Hariri in 2005. Here's how you do an investigation the Jordanian way: grab everyone within a 10-kilometer radius from the crime scene, beat the crap out of them, then take the first guy who screams "I'll say whatever you want me to say but take out your stick from my shusmo" to court.
- Some towns in the US are taking special measures to collect the extra trash that people will leave during the holiday season. In Jordan we have solved that problem long time ago. We have collected our own trash from all over the country and piled it up in a huge building on the 4th circle and called it the Parliament.
P.S. In the picture above is a sad picture of Charlize Theron. This picture is a proof how bad the economy has become, where even rich smoking flaming hot celebrities like Charlize are losing their clothes one piece after another and have barely any left to cover up. All what we can hope for is for the economy to keep getting worse and worse and worse.


secratea said...

This is how i read your "Mikro-blogging" entry: view the picture, scroll down to the comment about it, scroll up, then start reading the news items chronologically :P

LOOOOOOOOL @ the the first. Dude, enjoy these days of single-hood because i wonder if you'll be dodging shoes when you get married, especially when attempting to blame the econ for adding pics of sad, smokin', flamin', hot celebrities on your blog .. hmmm LOOOL

Whisper said...

v nice as usual ,and there is a purpose for the cute picture this time

but think about this!!
the economy will effect people like queen Latifa for example, sooo nooooooo please economy ...don't get worse

Devilstine™ said...

GET A GIRL! ...plz. maybe that nurse? ha??

Anonymous said...

- I've discovered the best time to do Christmas shopping: January.

Indeed :D

I waiting to buy a new hdtv for my bedroom :P

maroo said...

looool secratea i do the same steps while reading his " mikro-blogging",, by the way why its "mikro not micro ?"

IT seems that president BUSH has a great experiment in avoiding flying shoes? but the question is the "thrown" shoes were by his parents in his childhood or by his wife AUNTEE LAURA BUSH loooooooool :D


sharkooseh said...

esh inta 3m betdal tghayer el pic wela sho? :P

Batir said...

The Parliament is in Abdali and not the 4th circle, and indeed it needs to be expanded to accomodate all the trash!

Jano said...

Brilliant :) sound to me a min before sleep thoughts when all brilliance in the world comes out.. funny but true! somehow

Anonymous said...

LOL @ small print and shoe throwing.

With this weather, you need that showered fixed A-SAP!

Anonymous said...