Friday, December 26, 2008

Un-Stoning Dr. Evil

That's not a Jordanian Santa holding a kid.

This is Mohammad Asha, the Jordanian physician who immigrated to the UK to become a neurosurgeon. He was arrested in July 2007 and charged with a lot of things, mainly of being a terrorist. I wrote about that arrest when it happened, and gave a few reasons why it would've been unlikely for him to be guilty.

A year and half later, he was acquitted. He's out of jail. Who knew about it? Nobody. When he was arrested, the whole world knew about the Arab doctor who wants to kill people, and the American media scared the bejesus out of people of those Arab doctors who want to kill people. Watch out for those dark-skinned Middle-Eastern doctors with the accent who want to shoot toxic drugs in your veins.

Now that he's out, nobody is talking about it. I'm used to the American media, they are the garbage of all garbages. A Sawsan Tuffaha news bulletin is better than any news bulletin I've heard on any US news station, but what's disappointing was the Arab and Jordanian media who totally ignored this piece of news.

People judge Asha. He looks scary. He can't fit in well with his community. His patients will be scared of him. He's an Islamist. He hangs out with the wrong crowd. He goes to a "suspicious" mosque. I cannot disagree with that, but that is very different from labelling him as a terrorist who is willing to kill innocent civilians in airports, a very serious crime. He may always have an untrimmed beard, he may always decide to never smile in a picture, but the fact is that he spent 18 months in jail away from his wife and son, his reputation was destroyed, and the future of this straight-A medical student as a neurosurgeon was over before it even started, and all that for a crime he did not commit.


suha said...

Off topic I know.
But have you heard of that law suit that is taking place in England against the Saudi pediatrician Farah Al-Zayat, she's related to me. And she was mis-judged it wasn't her fualt.
There's two sides to every story.
And the hwole thing has caused an uproar.

Qwaider قويدر said...

It's truly big of you to "un-stone" the guy. Who turned out to be innocent even though every effort was taken to make sure he doesn't see the light of day.

It's wonderful that he's out, although, I'm sure many people continue to find him guilty no matter what

Halawa said...

It makes me sick to my stomach..

That's the thing about people.. they ALWAYS seem to notice negative sides of others (negative by the definition of that person) fully ignoring all the ups... the media only multiplies that 3454654645 times!

Estaghfurallah.. what a waste.. saddens me.

Tala said...

I remember him very well, it was very weird for me to know that an honors Jubilee Grad at that time + First Class Med School JU student to do such a thing. it was a very confusing thought because I didn't see why, its not worth the trouble of dedicating all your life to being outstanding and make a family outside your country to go and attack civilians

Jordan TV, Jordanian writers in local papers & official papers, owe him first and then the whole world follows.

maroo said...

we r out of justice.. the whole world is .. what a shame !!

The Observer said...

Can he sue the american government?

Hareega said...

Suha, haven't heard about it, will check it out.

Qwaider, well I have not "stoned" him to start with

Halawa, thanks for reading

Tala, some educated people were involved in terrorist organization.

Observer, he was arrested in the UK

Hani Obaid said...

The other day I was looking at a torrent for learning Arabic, and someone commented "yeah like we'd want to learn the language the terrorists speak". Where do these idiots come from, I guess they're raised by the police detectives, reporters, and readers who put this man in prison without proof.

Time for a good lawsuit. A decent lawyer might be able to get this doctor to retire before he even graduates!

San Antonio Cicily said...

Oh most Middle Eastern men are not terrorists, my Iraqi friend is changing the way women in America feel about middle eastern men one woman at a time LOL In all seriousness though it is sad that a lot of Americans are ignorant and know nothing about the middle east except what they see on television and hear in the news. I'm not sure who is to blame for this but it is a problem and certainly creates a lot of tension.