Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mikro-Blogging Li Yawm El Ahad Sita3sh Thul Hijjah Alf O Arba3miyyeh O Tes3ah O Ishreen Hijri, Al Mowafeq Lil Rabe3 Ashar Min Kanun Thani, 2008 Miladi

- I really hate it when I think I'm listening to a new mix of a song on the radio, only to realize 3 minutes later it's just an ambulance behind me.

- I wonder why that smoking hot nurse on the 3rd floor keeps repeating "I'm single" six times in every sentence. She only mentions it when she talks to me. Does she think I'm stupid? Why does it only repeat it to ME like I'm a retard or something?

- Some Americans are dumb. Some are very dumb. Some are worse, Bush-dumb. But the dumbest of all are the group of Americans who have been to Dubai and still refer to it as a country.

- People should stop taking pictures from the plane window when they're flying. The only time I want to see such pictures is when the engine is on fire and your plane is crashing into the ocean, those pictures would be frickin awesome.

- It doesn't feel good when I see some of my patients fall asleep while I'm talking to them.

- The good thing about living next to the airport is that it takes a few minutes to get there. On the down side you'll hear most planes arriving and departing and you may, on very rare occasions, tell when a flight is late.

- Jordanian mothers should stop cussing America and El Ghorbeh whenever something bad happens to their kids. Chances are that your little spoiled Shmesani kids screwed up when they started facing something you never prepared them for: it's called real life. "Ooooo my little boy started drinking and getting in fights and shooting heroin, Oooo look what this America did to him"
- That song "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay has some outstanding lyrics. The song should be renamed "History of the Middle East".
- Movie critics are losers, all of them. They are a bunch of wanna-be-actors, wanna-be-directors, wanna-be-writers and wanna-be-producers who failed miserably in all of their attempts to become something so they ended up writing columns to tell people which movies to watch and what movies to like even before you watch them.

- I know quite a bunch of Arab men in the US who married American women just to get the green card. All of them are having some serious problems, usually from their wives who didn't like getting deceived. Whenever one of these men starts complaining to me I tell them how sorry I feel for them while thinking to myself, "I hope she screws you over and over again, and takes all of your money then gets you deported you cheap opportunistic son of a bitch".
P.S. In the picture above is my girlfriend. Her name is Adriana and she's Brazilian. She hopes to become a model, please help her achieve her dream if you can. Thank you.


secratea said...

well, ya duktooooooor Hareega, if you just introduce your girlfriend (LOL), Adriana, e7m e7m , to that "smoking hot nurse" she'll get off your back! LOOL

Anonymous said...

LOL @ No.1 and 4 :D

No.5 used to happen to me when I lived in saudi arabia, I could always tell when there is a prince visiting the area from the special military planes they flew with.

No.8 did you fail at becoming a movie reviewer? :P

P.S. I have to say that the chick in this post is the hottest so far :P

The Observer said...

"Ooooo my little boy started drinking and getting in fights and shooting heroin, Oooo look what this America did to him"

Jordan can do all of that as well, no? hehehe

I loved the term: bush-dumbed! ya3ni tooo dumb! :P

Cloudy Stars said...

am i the only one who didn't like viva la vida? :S

kinzi said...

Well done! Worth waiting for :)

Krystal Bell 541/2 years of age. said...

Your girl-friend is a great actress,it takes one to know one.

I venture to say that she has practiced that look for hours in front of the mirror, that is a lot of work.And it takes a dedicated actress and a lot of effort is put forth to perform.And I'd say,she is ready to pose for Playboy.If I am wrong in this,I stand corrected and I apologise beforehand,as I might have her pegged all wrong.The come hither look needs to be practiced and it is a skill that is honed in, my eyesight might be bad at 54,but that is what I'd call the look she has on her face in this pose.By the way does your girl-friend have a green card?

Jad said...

ya3ni engool mabrook?

Rambling Hal said...

hareega u r SO the man....i swear, if u ever stop with ur pissed off at the world of idiots kinda blogging i will kill myself, u want that on ur conscience? :P

London said...

"It doesn't feel good when I see some of my patients fall asleep while I'm talking to them."
Indeed, distressing, are you positive they're just falling asleep?

jessyz said...

Maybe you are so calming your patients fall asleep? Great song, cute girlfriend and I'll remember to take pictures from the plane's window next time.

Devilstine™ said...

oh, so invite her for dinner or jus a cup of coffee.. maybe..fancy a drink?.. have a good time bud..
yeh i've been an addict to that song.. great one.
and cm'on man.. adriana lima.. u can do better :P... i mean she can! xD .. no offence!

7aki Fadi said...

ur P.S's are my favorite in ur micro blogs

and hadi illi 3omorha arba3a w khamseen imfakreh inno sa7ibtak 3anjad ...hahahahahahahaahah

suha said...

hahaha the ambulance thing cracked me up and the p.s in the end of the micro-blog yeah your girlfriend OK lol

Hareega said...

secratea, good idea, genius

nizars, good tatse you have

Observer, can happen everywhere man, but it's always easy to blame it all on america

Cloudy stars, maybe

kinzi, thanks for reading

Kristin 54.5: no i don't think she has a green card, but with those eyes that she has i don't care if she was an alien

Jad, enshalla 3al saif

Rambling Hal.. shukran abul shabab walla ennek 3ashara 3ala 3ashara, wain ra7 bloggek battal ybayyen

London, at least most of them ;)

Jessys, I hope you'll never have to take such pictures

Devilstine, fashar gaal get better, bamza3 ragbetha

7aki fadi... ah ba3raf lol khalleeni saket lool

suha, yes muy gf mesh 3ajbek?

Anonymous said...

at least shes a "smoking hot nurse"
LOL @ pts sleeping on you hahaaha!