Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Best Screw Up Ever

This 12-year old boy participated in the talent show Britain's Got Talent this year,
he performed a song for Amy Winehouse, but Simon Cowell interrupted him saying that he screwed up the song, and gave him one last chance with any other song.

The boy, Shaheen, chose a song by Jackson 5 instead. He did pretty well.

This earned him an invitation a few months later by Micahel Jackson's family to participate in his funeral, thus providing him with a worldwide exposure he had never dreamed of, especially that he had previously lost in the talent show.

Here's a clip of the audition, you can have to click here.


Lara said...

wow! i didn't see that episode. Just imagine how many good singers audition for the wrong song! life is all about luck

Mohammad B. Irshid said...

Oh my god!!!!! What a smart talented is this? His voice is really incredible and go directly through hearts.
As Lara said, life is all about luck. and I believe this. A song changed his life. Wish him the best and to choice the correct songs to sing.

NasEr said...

he was supposed to be with MJ on his British tour ! talk about exposure if that had happened .

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