Sunday, July 12, 2009

MiiiiKro- Blogging for Tamooz 2009: Ala Hobbi Bi Sa7niki Wasbi7eena, Wala Tubqi Khumoral Andareena... Andareena.. Noon

* It was sad to see Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett die on the same day. Things are not going well for white women since Obama became president.

* There's been a debate going on on whether Al-Hajj should be suspended this year because of the swine flu. Meanwhile, all Chinese mosques in Urumqi, China suspended Friday prayers because of political unrest. This shows the irony about China: their policemen are more fierce than a deadly virus but they still can't make a T-shirt that will survive past one-time laundry.

* The CIA announced that Mullah Omar of Taliban is now worth 10 million dollars. I'm afraid he'll be purchased by Real Madrid.

* Barack Obama visited Ghana. He was expecting people there to commend the US on electing a black president, but the Ghanaians said it's no big deal. So far they have elected 12 black men to be their president.

* If you're a doctor and you have patients who wake up after a few days of being unconscious, it's not cool to tell them it's 2013. Sometimes they might believe you.

* During a visit of Jordanian official to Mujeb, a citizen took off his clothes and started taking a shower in public in protest of water being cut off his house.

Immediately afterwards and as a sign of support, a gay group in San Francisco sent him an invitation for a vacation. The group wrote, "You'll be showering with all of us, and there will be enough water for everyone to have a good time."

* I really did enjoy our local Jordanian restaurant in Arizona. It's not only good, but very clean as well. In fact you can taste the authentic Yara soap in your mansaf dish.

* The movie Bruno opened yesterday. In the movie Sasha Cohen plays the role of a very gay man who likes to kiss men on the face and dance with them for hours occasionally rubbing his body against them, or as it is called in Jordan: a wedding.

* A Jordanian woman was raped, and as a punishment her brother killed her. He should have spent 15 years in jail, but the judge cut it to 7 because the man did something honorable by killing his sister.

My only wish now is for the judge to have a honorable brother who will kill him after being raped.

* Michael Moore's next documentary "Capitalism: a Love Story" trashes capitalism as a terrible way of living. The movie is produced by Paramount Vantage, which happens to be the film division of Paramount Pictures, which is in turn part of Viacom.

* 26 men were held in Egypt because they were planning on bombing the Suez Canal. I'm not exactly sure why they were arrested when the only dreaded consequence of blowing a canal is making it bigger?

* I decided to start eating healthy. I bought a big ass salad with an extra Blue Cheese dressing, and to reward myself with this success I ate a cheesecake. Tomorrow I'm giving myself a break from dieting.

* Important advice: whenever you're driving on the highway always make sure your window is closed just in case a bird drops a greenish poop on your windshield then you try to wash it quickly with the wipers but the poop, mixed with water, strangely flies in a semi-circular fashion into your window directly into the lateral space between your eyeglasses and your eyes, lodging over your eye while you're driving at 70 mph

*I'm a little upset that my race in the US is often labelled as "Other" or "Unknown", but I'm glad that at least my gender is not classified as such.

* David Letterman: "Anybody here from Minnesota? Congratulations, you have a brand new senator, our old friend, Al Franken. Al is an interesting guy. Went from being a comedian to politician. George Bush, the other way around."

the picture above is of my fiance-to-be Alessandra Ambrosio. She is a famous model (or singer, actor, not sure exactly). She recently surpassed diabetes and is expected to catch up to smoking as the number one risk factor for heart disease in men aged 12-99. I also would like to thank her for her contributions in the medical field: her urine is used to manufacture aphrodisic perfumes and her feces is used by Pfeizer to produce Viagra.


asoom said...

LOOOOOOOL. Now with regards to your race, in some places you're now "non-hispanic".

Naddoush said...

Hahaha - I especially loved the one about the Jordanian wedding :-D

husams said...

WOW.. really!... that is how viagra is made?!

Hareega said...

I assume that's the way

kinzi said...

AAAHHHHHH!!!!! I peaked at this while the kids and The Hub were praying, (oh, bad, bad Christian!My daughter prays for a Looooong time) and oh my, I almost started giggling.

LOL, Ya Dr. Faris. Doctor turned comedian.

Farah said...

"If you're a doctor and you have patients who wake up after a few days of being unconscious, it's not cool to tell them it's 2013. Sometimes they might believe you."

HAHAHAHAHAHA! See these are the perks of being a doctor!

Hareega said...

kinzi.. hehe that's right!

Farah.. indeed they are

Ali Dahmash said...

Oh Gosh, the jokes on Jordan are so funny and screw that Judge! I attended a session on Honor killing in Ruwwad in Jabal Al Nadeef yesterday. We need to educate people and put new laws, have no idea what is the queen waiting for, maybe she should quit facebook and twittering for a few days

Bardees said...

those are hilarious! esp. the dr. joke and jordanian weddings =D and alsodavid letterman's joke too LOL