Friday, July 24, 2009

Do you want full freedom of speech?

Regarding my poll that is still active, I asked whether you're ready to give up 20 years of your life to get full freedom of speech.

It looks like a split vote.

Where does free speech end?


Whisper said...

You want the truth???

What is the use of freedom of speech if u are 100% sure that nothing is going to change.

And u r sure that no action will be done!!!

I know some people will think that at least I should do my part and see what happen after that,for me I fed up and I'm going to leave the waiting for some one else.

Hareega said...

Whisper... in countries where there is freedom of speech, things DO change when people speak up. Poliricians are scared from people trashing them in public and they do whatever they can to prevent that. Stgart speaking up, and you can change the minds of many.

I Three Dots said...

... we if I had my freedom of speech respected, I'd do the craziest things ever!
1.first of all I'll change my blog name which is I Three Dots (I...) into I just can't close my mouth!
2. I'll ........................................................................ !
3. I'll write a book, no matter how lame it may look but I'll do it and give it away to people for free
4. I'll send many E-mails to the ministry of Culture
5. I'll walk in the streets wearing a T-shirt that says "انا وانتا وانتي كلنا بنغلط"

Hareega said...

three dots, I think you'll be ignored in every situation you've mentioned, but you'll be free in doing so.

hb said...

freedom of speech does matter in other countries but would it matter in ours? i don't think so and i don't believe it would move anyone to change anything. No one's willing to try as long as they know the consequences.

You surely heard earlier this week that the Palestinian minister suspended Al jazeera's work and sued them when they published what Alqadoomi said? and that was their actual job :) that's where free speech end

Jano said...

bsara7a fe nas btendam eza a3tet.hom freedom of speech! most of people in Jordan would misuse freedom of speech..

Mohammad B. Irshid said...

To me I don't care because I DON'T have anything to say!
I swear if we get full freedom of speech we will not use it well, OR eza bedak people will ask :"Why we need it? we WANT only money!"..
They will NEVER figure out the right way to use it as it should be.

Rana Al Sha'bani said...

Thoughtful question.. need to think about?! what would i get from full freedom of speech? is it worth sacrificing a big percentage of my age?