Friday, February 24, 2006

Today in the clinic

I came early to work (5.30 am) so I can see all my patient in the hospital, because I gotta drive early to my clinic.

When I was done, I drove for half an hour to the clinic, and was surprised that I only had one patient. I waited and waited for him and he didn't show up.

Then the nurse came by, telling me that he had just called and said he wasn't coming.

I aksed her why......

She answered smiling .... "He said he was sick"

When I say that doctors are sometimes being treated like shit not too many people believe me!


yadondon said...

yeah.. Allah be3een ya Hareega. I was a medical secretary once, and I used to get such lame excuses all the time. I mean the whole point of seeing a doctor is because you are sick. ya3ni you don't say well I would like to have an appointment with this doctor on this day to chat for 15 minutes discuss my marital problems and why can't I seem to win the lottery!
Seriously, some people suck big time!

Kickers said...

So you don't do house calls? The guy's so sick he can't even make his appointment.

ha. Here you are venting, and I'm making you the villain. Forgive me.

Dar said...

HAHAHA ! it is not even worth it ! bs 3ajabni hadal el guy eno he is sick :)

Hareega said...

yadondon people remember times of soccer matches and hair dressers much better than their doctors' appointments!

kickers i forgive you, 3eeshi!

dar... jayeek el dooor! 3eesh

Vimto said...

Bi sara7a... U should have visited him at home! Balki he was so sick he could get out of bed!!?

Dakatret hal eyyam... bedhom el shoghol yejii laa 3endhom! El shoghol beddo 7arakeh o kheffeh yabaa!

reega reega hareega said...

walla ya vimto there are approximately 50 reasons why i couldn't/shouldn't/wouldn't have visited him at home. If you want me to list them i will !