Friday, February 17, 2006

When sorry seems to be the hardest word

Someone, somehow, was able to take these photos of prisoners in Abu Gharib despite all the restrictions that the coalition forces have on journalists.

I wonder what other violations of human rights and humanity are taking place inside and outside prisons that nobody knows about.

During the previous Abu Gharib scandal, some US officials apologized and claimed responsibility for these offences. However to these criminals the only way to take responsibility is to say those magic words "I am responsible".

I hope that the American people recognize that America is part of this planet and the opinion of the rest of the world does matter. With such these violation the entire world would become so upset and this is not good for anyone.


Hamzeh N. said...

Man, this story is not being given the amount of attention it deserves especially in the US. It's true that they've been talking about it on TV, but they've only been saying what people already know, that there are more photos than those they saw.

One thing that really pisses me off is that when the Abu Ghraib story first broke out, they did their best to not mention the cases of US soldiers raping Iraqi women which were documented in the Taguba report (if that's the correct name).

The people who commit these crimes, and the people who allowed them to do them, are probably never gonna answer for them until they face God. We can also thank our own Jordanian government for their own role in protecting American war criminals from the international criminal court.

We're living in the crappiest of times man.

Sami said...

Somtimes saying sorry, or admitting your mistakes is not good enough. This is one of those cases. America will pay for this one day. Inshallah sooner than we expect

Hareega said...

Hamzeh ... man what can i say? it's so painful to see how the american media is dealing with it. Even some people are questionning whether or not these pictures should be shown on american news channels! People are more interested here in hearing about celebrity affairs than the news of the occupation (seriously!). They just cannot realizes how dirty their government is, and i don't know how will that change.

Sami, I hope those responsible for those crimes will pay the price one day. I don't think all americnas are resposnsible and there are many americans who wish this war never started in the first place.

madas said...


This is always the problem, that people dont want to see and those who choose to see are those who know the truth... Anyway... I saw your comment on my livejournal account... can you access my account now?

hareega said...

yes mariam i can check it now, thanx!

Sami said...

Reega man, Of course I am not suggesting a collective punishment. Thanks for specifying anyway. However, it's badly affecting the American image worldwide, and most American will suffer the long term consequences, I guess.

kinzi said...

RRH, as an American, I want it on the record that I am deeply wounded that a man or woman in our armed forces would commit such a horrific attack on any other human being. I am so sorry.

Although I can't take responsibility personally, I will attempt to communicate with those who are known to have committed these atrocities and encourage them (and my government) to make restitution.

Thanks for encouraging Sami to clarify his point. IMHO, I think America is already suffering from the effects of slow moral suicide, and it won't be long until many are rejoicing over her grave.

Hareega said...

sami thanx for the clarification. I also believe this war has hurt most americans so much and has not helped at all become safer.

Kinzi... thanx for this effort. I don't think Bush or this governemtn listen to their people or even the entire world, but people should never stop calling for an end for this war and punishment for all the offences of human rights that were committed there.

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