Friday, February 10, 2006

Warning: Indian Bomb about to explode

After a heavy mansaf meal last night with Malhas which almost killed me, I woke up this morning (afternoon) and I decided for a reason i can't remember to have Indian food 3al reeg.

I went to India Oven a restaurant and had 3 big dishes of Indian food. I didn't recognize anything of what i ate but there were colors like gold and violet, pieces of meat of some unkown animals and a lot a lot of things floating on my plate, kullo 3al reeg.

Now i can see 5 keyboards in front of me instead of 1 and i am typing three times slower than my usual speed. My stomach is suffering and I'm sitting in the library with an enormous urge to fart. If I fart, I'm sure some people will be seriously hurt and we'll have a lot casualities among everyone who is on a circle with a radius of 5 miles from me. The mansaf last night made the situation worse and now with this indian oven I can be officially considered a weapon of mass destruction.


manar said...

whhhy???! :D

jameed said...


Underberg Bitters, 2x20 mL PRN

w id3ili

salam said...


DoOd ™ said...

LoL, Sa7aaaa