Thursday, February 09, 2006

Worse than an own goal

Take a look at these pictures above and below

The player in tears is Gabriel Batistuta, the famous Argentine star, and his team mates are consoling him. He hasn't just scored an own goal or missed a penalty... he is crying for a different reason.

Batistuta played for Fiorentina (violet shirt above) for 8 years. During these years his team Fiorentina was relegated to the second division, and just like all world calss players do, it was expected that he would leave Fiorentina to keep playing in the first division. However he was very faithful to his team that he kept playing with them depsite that they were in the second division. He made them stand on their feet and they played well and again went back to the first division. Batistuta became the star of Fiorentina and the whole city of Florence glorified him and made him a statue in the ancient city.

Eventually he accepted a 33-million dollar offer to play for AS Roma (in red shirts below) so he left Fiorentina. The time came when both teams played against each other. The score was 0-0 and just before the end of the match Batistuta sent a magnificent shot from outside the penalty box shaking Toldo's net and scored the game's only goal giving Roma the victory. The reaction of Batistuta scoring against his old team is just like what you see in the picture below. A picture's worth a thousand words.


Kickers said...

Thanks for this. I've linked to it.

Hareega said...

thank you for the link and welcome here.

I forgot to mention that this match took place in 2000. Batistuta is retired now.

Kickers said...

Really? I thought he played for Dubai or some Arab country, no?

hareega said...

Actually he did. He played for Al Arabi in Qatar in 2004 and was the top goalscorer ever in the Qatari league, but he retired afterwards.

But that match was during his Serie A days in 2000

Kickers said...

All very interesting.

So I left you this long post about Tucson at my place. Did you get to read it?