Wednesday, July 05, 2006

And you thought this Italy-Germany match was exciting

As much as today's game between Italy and Germany was exciting, it is not as nerve wrecking as their game also in the semifinals in 1970. The commentator speaks Spanish. What you need to know is the full time ended in 1-1, and "le mejor" means the best!

Click here to see the goals, time running less than 5 minutes


Anonymous said...

I like ... :d

listen, i lost my phonebook (on my cell) and your number is gone with it...can you send it to me? thanks!

p.s. who are you cheering for?

Linda said...

wow how old were you in 1970 Fares?

Abu Shreek said...

Thanks for the link Fares.
Allah Yir7amm ayyam ma kanatt koratt il qadam feeha gwal.

Hareega said...

linda ... i was -9 years old, but i can still see the game!

hala abu shreek, man i can't believe that the average number of goals in 1954 was 5.38 goals per game, yel3an ha the world cup used to be wonderful, and maybe less competitive !

iman i'll call u