Sunday, July 09, 2006

Quiz to all Jordan Planeters

Here's a world cup quiz that I created, I hope you'll enjoy it,

it's just for fun.... Write down your name in the beginning.

Good luck!


Linda said...

hey i ranked 12 out of 23 people so far. that is pretty good for a new commer to soccer.

fares, what up with the new look again? cant make up your mind? it confused me at first. i thought i was visiting the wrong blog :P

batir said...

I thought I would get 100% before I took the quiz, just like the Brazil players but that question about the lowest attendance defeated me, and it was in Amman. What a shame!

Lubna said...

soccer to me started in 1994, it's not fair, all your questions go ages back, I was born in 1986, have some mercy!

hamede said...

Wallah saeba al aselah.

ya haramak ya hareega.

Summer said...

Alf Mabrouk for Italy!!

Hareega said...

Hey Linda the problem with the new look (the blue one) is that the titles were not showing up for some reason. Besides I didn't want people to assume that I'm either an Italian or a French fan.

rank 12... excellent!

Batir... yeah it's a shame dude, 20 people, lol, but who would go to such match! Make us a quiz man i'll be happy to answer it.

lubna i was born in 1979, but you can still watch games from the past many of them are outstanding.

hamede... i know man i like tough questions

summer... 3ogbal ma tefra7i bi eshi me7rez, but thanx for taking the quiz and coming here

Anonymous said...

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