Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I wanna make you scream

After saying good-bye to the world Cup I want to leave you with some of the best moments in the history of football.

I Hope you enjoy them, they are some of my favorites, I stole all clips from You Tube !

Make sure the speakers are on, and LOUD... LOUD ...LOUD

Moment ONE .... what can make a man cry on TV?

First, here is the goal of the century that most peopl have seen. Listen to the Argentine commentator as he was crying when Maradona scored and thanking God for the gift of Maradona.

Quick Translation.... Genio: Genius. De que planeta viniste: From which planet have you come?


Moment TWO ..... The Sweet Revenge

This is an incredible goal and the story behind is is better. The British club Arsenal sold the Moroccan player Nayim to Real Zaragoza, ironically the 2 teams played later in the European Cup Winners Cup final match. In minute 120, just seconds before going into penalty kicks, Nayim took his revenge from Arsenal with this incredible goal in David Seaman's net giving his team Zaragoza the Cup. You wouldn't believe it.


Moment Three .... Rivaldo living a dream

Remember Rivaldo? This was his best goal ever. It was socred in the last minute against Valnecia which gave Barcelona a 3-2 victory and qualified them to play in the Campions league instead of Valencia.


Moment Four..... What Luis Fernandez did and Platini, Zico and Socrates couldn't do

This is a France vs. Brazil match in the quarter finals in the World Cup, but this time it's in 1986 in Meixco. Both team played penalty kicks but this penalty by Luis Fernandez was the last one and gave France the tremendous victory. Luis Fernandez later became a manager of Paris St. German club.


Moment Five..... Zidane strikes for Real

Look at Zidane the genius as he scored for Real Madrid in their final game against Leverkusen in the Champions League final in 2001. The goal speaks for itself. Real Madrid won the game and the Cup thanks to this marvelous goal.


Moment Six.... The perfect team work

One of the great team work actions for Brazil. It happened at the right time, against Italy in the 1970 World Cup. Watch tis goal and Carlos Alberto the scorer talking about this goal.
Brazil defeated Italy 4-1 and won the Cup that year.


Moment Seven.... the Goal that was not scored

That is the best chance ever in World Cup history. Very beautiful play by Pele as he deceived the Uruguyan goalie and sent him into the other side without touching the ball, however was unable to finish the ball inside the net. Amazing!


Moment Eight .... Very sad moments in Jordan

This is probably the saddest part of Jordan's sports history, as we lost in an unbelievable way to Japan in penalty kicks in the quarter finals of the Asian Cup. I still can't believe it. Can you?


Moment Nine.... When Arabs rocked the World

I talked about this game in a previous post. Algeria had an outstanding performance and defetaed European Champions Germany 2-1. Watch this 3-miute clip of the goals. Those were the days!
See how Balloumi was able to score the second the second for Algeria seconds after Rummenigge equalized for Germnay. Algeria sadly left the cup from the first after Germany and Austria shamelessly fixed their match.


Moment Ten... Beckham brings England to Life

England was trailing behind Greece 2-1 in the last game of their World Cup Qualifications. That meant England would not qualify directly into the world cup. But in extra time Beckham scored from this free kick and gave England its ticket to the World Cup.


I can think of a 100 other great moments in football, but those are the ones which crossed my mind now and to which I could find related clips. I hope you enjoyed them.


Anonymous said...

As a Jordanian female football fan, with a football FANTATIC mom, we both say SHUKRAN ya Hargeega for these wonderful clips.

Hareega said...

You're more than welcome anonymous, glad that you liked them.

Anonymous said...

This page has been bookmarked instantly. Thanks man, great moments.

Anonymous said...

I'll just get you back to this remarkable goal during this worldcup.

Argentina vs. Mexico minute 97th

Anonymous said...

3n jad .. lag6at Hareega ya Hareega


You really made me scream :D

Anonymous said...

Dotone.... I made a special post regarding that sensational goal,

khalidah.... anytime, football is beautiful

Linda said...

as a new fan to the sport, this was a great post for me.

i cant believe jordan lost all those pks :(

wouldnt it be awesome if we made it to the WC one day. oh that would be too awesome! i think we would go crazy.