Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Le Rêve: Dreams come true

I was fortunate to be able to watch the show "Le Rêve" at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas last Saturday.

I'm not a big fan of shows, but this show is something you'll remember all your life. I saw fire on water, water on fire, land turning into water. I saw men falling form the sky and rising up from below the ground. I saw amazing acrobatic moves played in harmony with the great sound effects in the beautiful theatre. Click here for a short clip of the show

This show is somewhat similar the the Cirque De Soleil's "O" show in the Bellagio. It's totally worth watching one of them, and you'll never regret seeing both at different times.

I'll be "vegasing" next week when my father visits me. This time I'll watch the "Ka show' -marital arts , and David Copperfield, then I'll become offically broke. Each ticket of these shows costs about a 100 bucks!


Anonymous said...

at least u see a beautiful amazing shows in 100$, here u paid them just u enta mashi fi elshare3 :D
have fun..
forsa ur dad ma y2olak u need to get married!

Anonymous said...

that looks awesome! I would love to watch these shows. Enjoy the Ka. Are you sure you're going to be able to fit in your schedule. I know you and your dad are on an educational tour :d ...

Enjoy! ;)