Sunday, August 06, 2006

On a Friday Night

I was sitting with some neighbors on a Friday night in my apartment.

Mike asked me,"So where are you from?"

- "Jordan"

- "Where is that?"

Laura, laughing hysterically for no obvious reason, said "It's next to f***ing Bulgaria, my boss is from there"

I said "Actually it's in the Middle East"

Mike , "Holy shit"
Laura , "Holy shit"

20 seconds of silence.

Mike, "So what's the deal man, why is this happening?" then he looked at my Jordanian friend sitting in the other side of the room.

My friend said ,"I don't know" then pointed at me as if he had just identified a criminal, "but you can ask him, he likes to talk politics"

We talked for about fifteen minutes, then Mike, finishing his ninth or tenth beer said,
"Listen man, I don't know much about politics, but I believe everyone should live in peace. Wars must stop. All wars are wrong. Oil is all causing this shit. I hope the world will come together and take a big big hug. "

I said ,"Very true Mike, very true amigo"

Then he asked ,"So what's the problem with Bush man?? What's his problem?"

Handling him a bottle of Corona light, I replied "His problem...... he quit drinking long time ago."


hamede said...

Far away from the ordinary.

Firas said...

شايف إنك صاير تحب جلسات الأمريكان-الأفرنجية و تمزح زيهم(حلوة هاي: وقف شرب) و تفضلها عن جلسات العرب-الأمريكان

على العموم دير بالك من هظا إلي اسمو مايتش، شكلو مخابرات و برمي حكي بس عشان إيوقعك

Moey said...

you're friend is funny..

bassel said...

is he irish ?

Summer said...

I like this post..says a lot about the majority of the everyday Americans who know nothing about others, because all they care about is their pay check at the end of the week and having a drink a the end of the day!!

Linda said...

the ending to the story was funny. hahahaha, hmmmmm imagine bush on beer :P

Rambling Hal said...

What? Corona light? There's such a thing as Corona light? This is devastating. I consider myself a very serious drinker. And a huge lover of Corona. How is it that I never new there was such a thing as Corona LIGHT???

Are you SURE about this?

Corona LIGHT???

I feel like I missed out on SO MUCH.

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