Monday, November 06, 2006


I don't know how to write movie previews, but this movie is the funniest thing I have ever seen.

I never missed any of his "Da Ali G show" episodes, but the movie kicks ass.

Briefly, it's a story of a man from Kazakhistan (Eastern Europe) who visits the US and is faced with a different world. There's a big cultural shock, but this time it's the Americans who suffer it.

Nothing beats this, it's so real.

Here are some clips of the movie, but the movie is much better

This is an interview with David Letterman, hilarious!!!!


Anonymous said...

Kazkhstan in central Asia not East Europe! just a note... And yes this movie is oh my god the funniest ever!

Hamzeh N. said...

Man, I saw it last night, and I don't remember ever walking out of the movie still unable to hold my laughter at what I had just witnessed :D


Qwaider قويدر said...

Hey man, It's AWESOME!! I loved it too.. it's so damn funny
I wrote a review about it like a month ago here: Borat (2006)
Enjoy :)

Rambling Hal said...

So many people keep talkng about how funny this movie is, I'm dying to see it now and I don't know HOW I'm supposed to wait till it makes its way to Jordan! It's so rare you can get a REALLY good laugh from a movie.

madas said...


I will watch it as well. I watched some of the Ali G episodes and i honestly thought he was funny. He is cruel and mean and a bit crazy, but funny... and that is comming from someone who does not apreciate silly comedy... I will tell you what i thought about it! how are you anyway?

Hareega said...

anonymous... yeah it depends on how you hold the map ;)

hamzeh ... I agree, totally unbelievable, this movie is unbeleivable, i'll watch it again next week

Qwaider... yes it is

rambling hal... go to and type in Borat, also type in ali G (his other character) and also type in Ali G UN , this will show you a hilarious episode of him in the Un interviewing Botros Ghali and commenting on Jordan's seat in the UN

I think that any real comedy is worth watching even if silly, his comedy sometimes gives a message, the movie clearly shows how many people are so much racists, i don't think you'll regret watching it

Hareega said...

and i'm doing well by the way! zaman 3an your writings