Tuesday, November 07, 2006

O Canada... We will be there


Jordan qualified to the U-20 WORLD CUP held next year in Canada after defeating China 2-1 in the Asian Cup.

It's always nice to defeat a team of a nation of one billion and be the only Arab representative from Asia in the biggest international competition.

See you next year in Canada, I'll be there.

Mabrook !!


hamede said...

Next year when.

Hareega said...

June 30th - July 22nd

Hareega said...

June 30th - July 22nd

Abu Shreek said...

i was very happy to see that.
this is the biggest REAL jordanian athletic accomplishment since the U-18 basketball team in 95.
awkwardly enough the win that got us to the world cup was aginst China.
Allah isahell 3alaik ya ma3enn 3odeh

Hareega said...

Abu Shreek, are you sure it was against China in 95? I remember we lost to Korea in the semis and we had to defeat Thailand in the bronze medal match and we did with a one-point difference i think it was 73-72 ?? maybe i'm mistaken, but that was an amazing tournament, we kicked lots of asses :D and ma3en 3odeh was a real star.

jameed said...

Dude inta wiyya...no kidding, we are going to Canada next year. It is fashkhet rijil. aqollak...swaqa bnitla3

Abu Shreek said...

I have to tell you that you are the biggest source of wasting my time,but the problem is you are good.

We did lose to Korea in the semi's and beat Thailand for the bronze.
The team we beat in the round of 8 on ma3in's shot was Philippines not China (mish mohemm kollo 3yoono haik).

il mohemm ana wa inta wil cousin are going to canda for sure.

7aki Fadi said...

NO WAY, I live here , woohoo I am going for sure .they just finished building a new stadium , it's pretty cool.And stupid me I was like, laish 3am bibnoo this staduim.

By the way , I didn't even know this happened , thanks to blogs I kinda know what's going on in Jordan and in Canada too...LOL...I am useless