Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A long journey

Last year, I visited Jordan for a month, then returned to the US. As usual, I forgot some of my personal stuff in Amman.

After arrival, I called my family.

My father.... "Listen, our friends are visiting their son in Arizona, we'll give them all what you forgot here in Amman"

"Ok, what did I forget?"

"Your jacket"

"It's OK, it's not too cold here"

"Baseeta, we'll give them the jacket to give it to you"

"Ok shokran"

"Also your kalaseen (underwear)"


"Your kalaseen, you forgot 2 pieces of kalaseen here in Amman, we'll give it to them with the jacket"

"It's not important, balaash, it's not important"

"No we'll send them to you, the jacket and the kalaseen"

Eight days later......

My father's friend and his wife just arrived to Arizona, they called me.

"Marhaba 3ammo, keefak? We brought you the jacket and all your stuff"

"Ok thank you 3ammo, how's the trip?"

"The trip was great, Ariozna is nice, and your parents in Amman say hi, don't forget they sent you the jacket and the stuff with us"

then their son took the phone....

"Man are you XX large?"


"Man how do you wear these kalaseen, they are huge, beddi a3mal menhom baraadi"

He lived about 2 hours away from me, so I waited till his parents left Arizona, drove to his house and grabbed "my stuff". I made a promise to never leave my underwear behind.

Two months later, I realized that I forgot to take my jacket.

Unless I was David Beckham, these underwears would have been of no value and I could have easily got a dozen of them from America, but for some reason my parents thought that I couldn't.

Other than a good shawerma and someone like Sha3ban Abdel Ri7eem, you can easily find anything these days in America.


Iman said...

hahahahahah! LOOL!

that's classic! why on earth would your parents do that?

Let's hope they're boxers!


Sami Majed said...

you never underestimate the need for a clean boxer! specially when you are 3azabi and the laundry is every month! and a shower is a must and it's 2:00 am and you cannot go to Target or Walmart and buy a dozen!...

Summer said...

Very funny Fares..i would not send forgotten underware with anyone to anyone..period! but parents can act funny at times!

salam said...

Hey I just realized I once met ur dad, he doesn't look like the sort of dad who'd do such a thing,but as summer said,parents can act real funny sometimes.

bassel said...

can you post a photo of yours here so that WE can judge......

i like it : brought you the jacket and all your stuff.....just say kalaseen.....

Anonymous said...

OMG .. I'd die of embarrassment if this ever happened to me , underwear travel's overseas , with non-family or even family .. this is both hilarious and unbelievable .. LOOOOL

I can never have this cool "response and reacation" ya neyalak 3ala borood a3sabak :)! and as you said you can never run out of underwears almost anywhere , not only in states !

Shaden said...


Haytham said...

I liked the Baradi part baradi kalseeny but what color are your kalaseen man hahahah

Anonymous said...

Its nice how your parents take good care of you!!

Ziad D. said...

By the way Fares, were those BYC-brand underwear? If so they have a tendency to exagerate size. I suppose korean butts are a lot smaller than jordanian butts! :) BYC is #1 man, no wonder it was such an important package to be delivered with such care...You got to love parents for their care! :)

ArabLady said...

mabsoot kteer 3al esa la dargit te3mila post...jarasouk el 3alam :P

wala bedon our parents ma bniswa eshrit basala! adi keber el wa7ad bendal their little kidoos