Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ho Ho Ho!

I got a call from a psychiatrist.

He goes, "Are you with infectious diseases?"
"I want to consult you about this lady, 30 yr old with psychosis. She's hallucinating ....etc"
"Ok what's the infectious problem?"
"She tested positive for syphilis, I don't know if it's the cause of her psychosis"
"OK I'll come and see her in a little bit"
"She's at risk of having syphilis"
"Why is that?", I asked
"Well, she's a professional sex worker"
"A professional sex worker"

I started wondering what a professional sex worker exactly meant.
"What kind of job does she have ?", I asked
"She's a professional sex work... has sex for money"
"A prostitute?"
"Yeah..... Yeah....."
"Ok thanks."

It's amazing how the political correctness in the US has now affected the world's oldest profession.
I wonder if we're going to start to call alcoholics "booze admirers" , intravenous drug users "needle lovers", and murderers "end-of-life fans".


Firas said...

If she's professional she would not have got syphilis

kinzi said...

think if I was in that line of work I'd have psychosis too. But I guess you aren't allowed to make that connection.

Sam said...

LOL that is funny on so many levels...

Qabbani said...

its like

Mohandes Takeef ( baya3 7asheesh )

Amanda Brooks said...

It's work. It's a job. It involves some aspect of work. The term encompasses more than just prostitutes, it includes anyone in the adult entertainment industry (not all of which involves sexual contact).

Using condoms doesn't protect against syphillis if the infected person is in the stage where they have small sores on their body. According to the CDC, the highest rates of STIs are in the general population under 25 -- not sex workers. Perhaps she got it from her boyfriend and not a client.

Having to visit doctors like you, read blog posts and comments like these are enough to give anyone a complex. Sex workers are where gay people were 30 years ago.

Anonymous said...

oh I love learning my patient's history :D you think you've ran into all the different stories until another one comes through. yikes!

Anonymous said...

LoOL and I just got the topic!!! sorry slow shway el youm. good one.

Hareega said...

firas... hehehe good point.

kinzi... well syphilis can cause psychosis, sometimes as late as 30 years after the inital infection!

sam... thanx for checking

qabbani... lol mohandes gaal

batoul, thanks for checking

amanda brooks, sorry but i don't think highly of prostitution. I can't judge each prostitute as a bad person because some have suffered enough in their lives already, but I don't think of this business whether or not it involves actual sex as a decent kind of business. There's no way you can compare it to homosexuality. No man or women is "born" a prostitute.

kinzi said...

Amanda, I wonder how many prostitutes you know? The ones I do would do anything to get out. It was hardly a profession of choice for them.

There is a difference between those in the adult entertainment industry and those who are forced to walk the streets.

Bassel said...

and whats an Unprofessional sex worker called

Lubna said...

good post!

thumbs up;)