Monday, December 24, 2007

The right to exist

I believe in human rights...
You have the right to education, health care, and the right to vote.
I will add another right: the right to exist.
This is a right you're given retrospectively, meaning I believe that you had the right to exist after you've already existed.

However if you're over 12 and you're someone who sends e-mails/letters/funwall posts thinking that you'll be rewarded or punished based on forwarding these messages, you're someone who should not have existed.

If it was to me, I would have denied your right to exist.

Have a great holiday


supreme ki said...

I feel that you are referring to the same thing I had in mind a couple of days ago! My fun wall was spammed with stupid things that I deleted all of them! In one of them it said that facebook need to know which members are active and which are not. So in two weeks if u don't forward this ur account will be terminated. How smart. And it make it worst, many would forward these stupid posts including some others where the post says if u do not forward it one of your best buddies will die???!! Omg! How ignorant are these people.

Batoul A. said...

lol! I so agree Hareega. It started with emails now its all over, ridiculous. Absar shu cancer wo absar shu blood marry wo ur aunt's body will start to degenerate, ana 3arfeh.

Ziad d said...

Kul 3am ou inteh bu kheir Faris! Merry Christmas!

Masalha1 said...

Merry christmas and happy new year to you, and all your readers.

Hareega said...

supreme ki.... i don't know man, when i started using email years ago i started forwarding messages but after a few monhts i guess i realzied how stupid that wss. PEOPLE STILL DO NOT UNDERSTAND THAT!

Batoul... ana 3aref, gaal a disaster will happen if you don't send this nepalese good-luck email to fifty million people in the next ten seconds.

Ziad D and MAsalha... thanks a lot for your wishes, hope you'll have a great year!