Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Santa Closed

Date: Today, Christmas Day.

Place: IHOP Restaurant.

Reason to go there: the only open place that sells food.

Place's capacity: 150

Number of people present: more than 150.

Nationality of people present: 90% Mexican, 10% Mexican-American.

Hareega's order: meat omlette to-go.

Time to get that order: 50 minutes.

I was sitting on the sofa waiting for my omlette, and as time passed the restaurant quickly started to empty up. The last couple next to me were delighted when the cute latina waitress told them, "Your table is ready , follow me pliss, taank you"

Nobody was waiting but me, and next to me sat Santa.

I Couldn't help but notice his wrinkled skin behind the fake moustache.

He looked at a waitress standing behind the cash, "Leslie, can I leave now?"
"No, you have to stay for 40 more minutes"
"But I wanna see my granddaughter before she leaves"

She didn't answer but grabbed a menu and faked a wide smile at the new customers arriving at the restaurant that moment.

A little kid then came rushing from a table and went towards Santa grabbing his pants,
"Quiero tomar un foto con Santa"- I wanna take a photo with Santa

Santa, exhausted, took good ten seconds before he stood up up and looked at the camera to have his photo taken with the happy kid.

Santa then sat down and started looking anxiously at the clock.
I told him, "You know something, you're the first Santa I see this Christmas!"

He looked at me and didn't answer, didn't even nod his head.... totally ignored me.

He stood up and started walking towards the empty space outside. It was pretty clear he was limping, couldn't tell if he was faking a Santa limp or if it was real.

He returned in five minutes and saw that I was sitting there. He asked, "How's your Christmas?"

"It's alright, yours?"

Again, he turned his head away and totally ignored me. I was hoping he'd treat me like a little kid and ring his bell at my face or throw some candy at me, but he remained silent.

Forty minutes passed and I finally got my omelette. Santa went to the cashier and gave her his small bag of candies and for some reason didn't take off his moustaches or beard, maybe because it would protect his frail body from the cold weather outside or maybe because he liked this new person he's hiding behind, one that people cheer to see and kids love to take pictures with.

By the way, Merry Christmas everyone :)


Maioush said...

Merry X-Mass Hareega :)

Mala2e6 said...

merry xmas hareega hope u have a lovely day

RB said...

Merry Christmas :)

Anonymous said...

I wonder what was his story... its sad hes missing out his granddaughter :( Hope you had a nice one Hareega.

kinzi said...

Hareega, wish we could have had you over for Christmas breakfast.

raindrop said...

ain't everyone of us has her/his own mask where we hide behind most of the time? :)

Merry xmas and Happy new year.

Anonymous said...

I feel very sorry for those people who have to show a shiny happy face all the time even in their saddest moments, like clowns. What touches me, is that their job is to make people happy while no one really cares about how THEY feel.

Merry Christmas

Hareega said...

thanks a lot people for the ice wishes, hope you'll all have a satisfactory new year.

Kinzi one day i'll make it :)

Firas said...

Hu enta ma lageet gheer hal sulalfeh?
Old man, I wanna see my granddaughter, working in the blazing cold for $7/day! Fagastna....
In revenge I'll tell you the stories about the poor Christian families in the North of Jordan on Christmas eve
Happy new year (bdoon gussas Les Miserables law samahat this time)

Inshallah Prospero Año Nuevo 3ala el jamee3

Cooking The Easy Way said...

Wishing you a very happy new year! Enjoy!

Hareega said...

Firas, will be waiting for these stories

cooking, to you too thanks