Saturday, February 02, 2008

Back to the Future

One day, I will be sitting with my kids, and will tell them, "I lived in a time when a gas cylinder would cost 1.5 JDs"

They will look at me in awe, and stop breathing for a second, then whisper to each other ,"Dad is too old".

The new price for a gas cylinder as of April1st..... ten fucking JD.


Anonymous said...

oh my god! 10?!?!
Everyonee!!! stack up lol or walk.

Khouloud said...

Hahaha, that's hilarious!

Actually, it'll be 7.5 Jds.

Tololy said...

You will also tell your kids that you lived in The Era of the Silence of the Lambs.

Ola said...

Well I salute your optimism, it's enough that you think you can actually raise and feed kids, that's the spirit!

Sharkooseh said...

I've added u to my blogroll iza beseer :P

Hareega said...

batoul... i'll buy a bike once i'm in amman

kouloud, it's 7.5 now but will be 10 in April

tololy ... my kids will probably be dumb and won't understand what that means

ola... i'll raise them not sure it will be in a good way

sharkooseh, thanks for adding me !

Anonymous said...

Hehe, but Hareega, you don't live in Amman, so why the hell you care?

For me, I think that I won't be able to have kids, or I won't be able to raise them in a good way with this high cost of living!! :S Eljay a3zam!!

Hareega said...

yasmine, it's my country