Monday, February 11, 2008

The Egyptian Zizou

Mohammad Zidane, or as I like to call him the Egyptian Zizou (so all rights reserved for Hareega-2008) lead Egypt to their 6th African Nations Cup Championship.

Look how the Egyptian Zizou was fighting like a lion for this ball with the Cameronians, took control of it and gave the golden pass to Abu Traikah who thundered Kameni's net with thi shot.

Really, like a lion. Look at him in the replay... a lion.
This moment of gold is for memory.


Tololy said...


Anonymous said...

omg! wasnt that AWSOME! such a quick come back too. 2006, now 2008.

Hareega said...

yep, still it won't mean much if they don't make it to the world cup