Monday, February 18, 2008

Laundry in the Time of Cholera

I decided to do laundry.

I picked all the pieces of clothes from the floor and squeezed them into my very large laundry bag, put it in my car and took a journey to the laundry room, ten meters away from my apartment.

The room looked like the one above. I poured the soap then threw the clothes inside the laundry machines.

I noticed that the third machine wasn't as full with clothes as the first two, so I decided to transfer some clothes from the first machine to the third one, in order to maintain a balance

What's the most precious piece of cloth any man can have? Good guess, it's the Kalsoon. I decided to move a couple of Kalaseen from one machine to another.

Everytime I wash a kalsoon, it comes out from the machine with a different color. So I ended up having kalaseen with some of the most charming colors, colors you don't see except maybe when you're watching some exotic animals on National Geographic. I have Kalaseen with colors that, other than me, only transexuals and super-gays dare to wear.

I always hope for these colorful garments to distract the attention of the occasional reader in the library who usually screams whenever seeing my gigantic butt cleaveage popping out in his face as I sit down and try to enjoy a quiet read, but that hasn't worked well so far. The words "Shu hal teez ya ghaleez" still resonate in my head from several previous events that could never abandon my memory.

I grabbed those couple of Kalaseen and was about to throw them in the third machine, when I heard the door open and I saw Ryan, the apartment manager, enter the laundry room with a nice young couple. It looked like he was showing them around the complex trying to convince them to rent an apartment there, same thing that bastard did to me before I moved in.

I should have dropped the kalaseen immediately. Instead, I turned my head to Ryan's direction and, holding each kalsoon in my arm, smiled at the horrified couple saying,"Hi guuuuuys, welcome"

Ryan, the previously very pleasant guy, did not say anything. The couple remained quiet, but I cared less and dropped the kalaseen and turned on the machine, while thinking of the ways Ryan will make it harder for me to stay at his complex.


tinkerbella said...

omg, i need to learn to abandon all food and drink when reading ur posts and comments. i just etsharda2et while reading ur post (thank God it was only water!)

sorry, I know it's not nice bass 7ashashet 3ala "Shu hal teez ya ghaleez"

what a way to get revenge on Ryan, LOOOOOOL

Qwaider قويدر said...

Thank god for my washer/dryer at home :) They make separating the colors simple ... In the past, I used to have all rainbow underwear .. then I grew up and got ALL BLACK and that has been working great for me.. :) (I still have a couple of colored undies ... though)

It's ok man... ya 7afeez 3ala hal teez! :)

wonders said...

you might want to consider seperating the colors :)? or are they naturally that colorful...

Anonymous said...

Hehe, law tisma3ak mama kan akeed o3'ma 3alaiha!! Good luck in your laundry ;)

Mala2e6 said...

i know guys categorize their clothes as wearable,dirty but wearable,what the heck..wearable..some turn the socks on the other side to last another time try this,bala washing bala hamm.

in case u tried this and this laundry was of the what the heck category..then next time dont wash underwear with shirts. or buy disposable ones..might get u more time at the library.:D

Anonymous said...

LOOOL!!! I have to admit Hareega, I laugh the most in your blog. Since you already use more then one machine why dont you seperate dark and light, too late now anyway lol.
I would have loved to see the reaction on their faces, haha!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA, hilarious! I have the same thoughts as Wonders, are they naturally colorful? LOL because you can simply separate white into one machine and color into another :)

lulu said...

OMG - You have a very unique talent in making me laugh out loud even if I'm at work and obviously should not be reading blogs. You are too much!
I know you probably don't do tags, but since you always crack me up so much I tagged you! Check it at cafelulu

Hareega said...

tinker... well it wasn't intentional, i was holding the pais or kalaseen and then Ryan came in with the guests, it's destiny

Qwaider... LOL thanks for the compliment, you should have said it to me before valentine, i would have brought you a different gift ;)

(N.B. just kidding)

wonders, i've done everything to protect the original color of my underwear, nothing works.

Yasmine, thanks for the wishes!

mala2e6... i never knew underwear can be disposable!! I thought the only time you can throw away underwear is when it becomes so torn apart that you can even use it to wipe the windshield glass of the car

batoul, it wasn't a nice reaction! thanks for reading !

Hala, not all of them are white, even the white ones change color after i wash them, i don't know how, maybe too much soap!

lulu, thanks for the tag, i'll do it next