Sunday, February 17, 2008

Only in Arizona

You know how in a small grocery shop you'll find small things to buy by the cashier, like gum or mint or pens.
Sometimes it's a little different

I was driving back from Vegas and stopped by Kingman, a small city in Arizona on my way back to Tucson. By the cashier I found these!!

Rattle snake eggs in small envelopes, $ 1.79 for each envelope.
.... and a scorpion
I now regret killing that lizard in my apartment last year. I could have made a fortune.


Anonymous said...

ew ew ewwww!! and LOL @ Lizard.

wonders said...

and people buy these things fooor.....???

Anonymous said...

OMG, this shows how insane people are. Did you buy one? hehe ;)

Hani Obaid said...

lol I'm not sure if it was on your blog I read about a beauty peagant in AZ and Miss Hawaii or one of the contestants running from a snake only to be bit by a spider !

I would move to another state :)

Hareega said...

batoul, i thought it was an interesting idea

wonders, a lot of people keep snakes as pets. Seemingly-normal people do it!

yasmine, i was about to but i thought they won't taste that good

hani obaid, yes on mine here's the link

Actually a lot of people are moving to AZ in the past few years, more than any other state except Nevada.

secratea said...

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww AND looooooooooooooooooool @ your lizard story.. i remember i laughed for, at least, a whole hour when i read it last year.. i even forwarded it to a couple of friends who thought it was hilarious! (sigh).. Thanks for the laugh, again!

Anonymous said...

Hareega said...

secratea, you're welcome!

anonymous... that guy in the video had plenty of free time, but it's a good video. I remeber feeling the envelop myself and it loks like it contained very small circular and hard objects, the cashier told me these are rattle snake eggs lol, i believe him

Avery said...

Hareega, my work colleague brought the exact same envelopes without the price tags back from her visit to arizona last november and it contained only a rubber band and a small flipping metallic circle inside another. this thing is supposed to flip and scare you as soon as you open the envelope.

it's only a joke, just like many similar items.

Hareega said...

Avery... LOL! Thanks for the info. If I bought these I was gonna open them while I was driving at 80 mph on the freeway.

tinkerbella said...

LOOOOOOOOOOL...the title pretty much says it all!
Like what do people do with that stuff??

on second thought...I don't wanna know!!!

Arizona reminds me of Jordan though, driving through it was really jordan-like, LOL.... its very depressing, no grass, no green trees, just middle-of-nowhere-sand-everywhere-desert-like-terrain-with-mountains.


Hareega said...

tinker... I know, even the air smells like Jordan I swear which is great. Most visitors from Jordan say it looks like Aqaba, except that there's no sea and people stop on the red light.

tinkerbella said...

LOOOL @ "stop at red lights"
walla da7aktnee :D