Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Sound of Death

Have you ever heard how death may sound like?

Here are some goosebumps-inducing clips of tragedies that have taken away plenty of human lives. No sound effects; all real. No stupid commentary.



The World Trade Center on 9/11


The Space Shuttle Challenger.
The astronaut's families were watching it and cheering as it took off, until the disaster occurred. It was 1986.

In the Air
The following recording from the cockpit was recovered from the black box of a Tunisian airplane that crashed into the sea.


God bless


Rambling Hal said...

Ya3ni WHAT THE HELL man, do you ENJOY fueling my fluctuating mood swings? You're either cracking us up so that we're practically falling off our chairs, or depressing us to the point of suicide??

3ammi you made me want to go curl up in a ball and cry just there - THANKS A LOT.

Anonymous said...

The worst sound ever is the sound of the Israeli planes bombing Beirut in 1982, while hiding in a shelter not knowing whether the building will collapse and kill everybody..
I still duck whenever I hear planes especially during air shows here in Tampa..

Hareega said...

Hal, you're welcome ! We all have a little bipolar kid inside of us.

noura, I'm sorry you went through that. I know about the tragedies that happened in Lebanon, unfortunately Arabs are not good about telling the world about such tragedies and we end up being accounted as the aggressers.

Hani Obaid said...

The saddest was the pilots, because you can hear them.

but for all the tragedies, I am thinking og the people sitting unaware of what is about to happen to them.

How I hate that mushroom cloud, can you imagine all those people's lives simply snuffed away like that.

In my book Truman and Hitler are one and the same.

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In my case the most impressive. It is Hiroshima because It killed a lot of people and they have been some repercusion with radiation.

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