Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Deaf Man Walking

I saw Mr. Brown last year, and placed on intravenous amikacin, hoping we may be able to stop it in a few weeks.

He had missed a few appointments and finally showed up 10 months later.
I wanted to check him for potential side-effects of amikacin, like kidney failure and hearing loss.

"Hello Mr. Wislon"
"How are you doing?"
"How are you doing?"
"Are you having any hearing problems?"
"I said shit"
"Good" and he smiled.

I went outside and saw my attending.
"Mr. Wislon can't hear anything", I said
"Did he use to hear well last year?", I asked
"Yes, I'm sure he did"
"I know"
"But I'm glad someone can at least hear what I'm saying"

Take-home message: Never miss a clinic appoitnment.


secratea said...

SHI*!!! He lost his hearing because of his carelessness?? I shall never miss a clinic appointment, ever in my life!

Rami said...

wow... thanx for the advise

The Miner said...

that's weird.

Hareega said...

secratea, he was at a nursing home and they didn't bring to our clinic, we finally had to call and "order" him to be brought

Anonymous said...

The humanity-old problem of sticking to appointments

soreal said...

what if the clinic staff made sure that you end up with no new appointment even though u r still on the medication they subscribed?

from my point of view.. have long term illness, medication taken for more than 6 years now... and appointment are usually useless waste of time :P

NasEr said...

does it mean that i'm a horrible person if i laughed when reading that ?

Hareega said...

tha2ir, I'm sure if it was something he'd pay if he missed he'll be coming to clinic. If his favorite band was coming to town he'd be paying a 100 bucks to go watch it and will be there an hour before the concert starts (I will also do that!)

soreal, it can be a very different situation depending on the medication, the illness, the doctor....etc

Naser, uhm no