Saturday, April 25, 2009

Obama, the Coward?

A lot of Americans are very angry at Obama. They're mad because he shook hands with Hugo Chavez, because he mentioned opening a new page with Cuba and because he said that America's foreign policy was , at times, irresponsible and reflected a lot of arrogance, something that the whole world and the majority of Americans agree upon.

They are mad because they think that foreign policy should be run the same way a gang must be run. You have to show you've got balls. You have to talk down to other people, and if you think a leader is a dictator, whatever dictator means these days, you should spit on him in front of the world.

They believe George Bush was the right man to defend America and make it stronger, because starting wars was his game, and it showed that America has balls, that America can kick ass.
Those Americans are short-sighted and very unwise to say the least.

Any observer can tell that the US has got much weaker during Bush's presidency. to start with, he was responsible to a great degree of the 9/11 attacks. Numerous pieces of evidence showed that were many alarms of a large attack about to happen on US soil, and he failed to respond to that.

During the few years he ruled the world afterwards, he managed to make America weaker than ever before, and strengthened its potential enemies. Although there were no more men hijacking planes and driving them into buildings, the level of extremism especially in Pakistan and Afghanistan escalated to dangerous levels.

Bush lost his war in Afghanistan. Taliban is very popular these days over there, and they control large areas of land. Taliban thrived not because Mulla Omar was an exceptional leader, but because many circumstances have allowed for something like Taliban to form. Bush killed and captured its leaders, but he has not changed the circumstances allowing for such violent hateful organisations to form.

Bush decided not to talk to Iran, because it was part of "the axis of evil" and he doesn't talk to the evil (not sure why he was still talking to Dick Cheney?). Iran now has advanced nuclear weapons that can hit many countries in the region. They have the final world in many decisions made in Beirut and Baghdad, something that never ever happened in the past.

Bush didn't talk to North Korea, because they're evil. Over the past few years North Korea has developed very advanced nuclear weapons that can target many many countries, and they really don't care what the US has to say about it.

Many Republicans argue that the UN is ineffective in minimizing the dangers of crazy leaders. However, when it comes to Iraq for example, the third country in the axis of evil, it was only the UN that was successful in disarming Saddam Hussein of all of his weapons of mass destruction, and it was the US who went to war for absolutely no justifiable reason. Besides the tragic loss that Iraqis had (losing their country and nearly 100,000 people), the US itself lost their economy, thousands of soldiers, and all the respect in the world. Any sympathy the world had to the US after 9/11 was lost during the Iraq war.

George Bush made the strongest country in the world a joke, but was smart enough to still convince his people that he was the tough guy who protected his country from the evil doers. The fact is that his country was struck by a terrible attack because of his negligence, and all "the evil doers" got much stronger thanks to his policy of not talking to them or using the UN to limit their dangers.


Qwaider قويدر said...

Let me use some strategic words here.
"His people" should be converted to "his flock".

You know, the other day, I was flipping through the channels and I landed on club700 with Pat Robertson still sticking it to Obama, and blaming him for just about anything that happens in the news, including this latest economy crisis.

What people -in power- don't "feel" is how condescending they are to others. They don't understand that having the power, doesn't come with "dictating" powers. In which America's foreign policy became the dictator over others. Naturally, people rejected all of that.

You're absolutely right in everything you said. Many Americans don't even believe they've done anything bad. (And the majority have not), but it's those who claim to be protecting the interests of America that did.

To those in "the flock" we can all say. If you need a policeman. You can hire one. But you don't need a police man to make decisions for you. That's why Obama isn't playing the policeman of the world anymore. He's trying to FIX THE SHIT THAT he inherited. And it's a LOT of shit!

Great article man, as always

Hareega said...

Thanks Q! Fixing shit isn't that easy

The Observer said...

I think that American learnt the hardway. Obama is so courageous to take all those stands in the right direction. I am sure they realize that.