Friday, April 10, 2009

Strange Medicine

Just when I thought Bahrain was among the more progressive Arab countries, this comes up!

"Male doctors may not be allowed to treat female patients"

This, again, confirms my belief that the people who come with such rules are the one most obsessed with sex.


Tallouza said...

Hello Hareega...I could have told you so:-) This morning I was watching an interview on JTV with an impressive lady gynecologist. One of the reasons why she chose this line of medicine was that women are more comfortable exposing themselves to a woman. Reading your post and thinking of this interview, I can only say that the cycle of ignorance is definitely a vicious one.

Hareega said...

Tallouza, I think it's more of the man's jealousy issue. In Bahrain the case is much worse, because the government will prevent women from seeing a male doctor, it's not the woman's choice or even her jealous husban'd choice, in this case it's the government that's really ignorant.

Lullaby said...

Hi Hareega,‎

I am Bahraini..and I assure you that the Bahraini government will never approve this ‎proposal. ‎

By the way, the Parliament approved this proposal only to show the citizens how ‎religious they are to gain their trust, especially that the coming parliamentary ‎elections will take place very soon. ‎

Hareega said...

Lullaby, although I think such decision is retarded, I'm not against it if the Parliament voted for it. The Parliament was voted for the people, and if they are too religious to come up with this suggestion let it be. Then Bahraini women will start dying right and left, and maybe that would be one way of letting people understand that it's not too good for the country to be led by religious nut cases

Lullaby said...


People will not understand that it's not too good for the country to be led by religious ‎people, they will blame only those particular persons if anything goes wrong. They ‎will choose other vey religious people in the next parliament, and if they fail as well, ‎they will choose OTHER very religious people. "Religion is the opiate of the people" ‎Hareega. ‎