Monday, April 06, 2009


Just like most doctors, I really really hate seeing a doctor.

I finally decided to see one after 4 years of no medical supervision.

After she saw my ass-kicking record-breaking weight she asked, "How much do you exercsie?"

"I do not".

I did some blood work. She called back 2 weeks later, "Your blood work is (surprisingly) normal. Your HDL, the good cholesterol, is a little on the low side though..... but that could be from all that exercise you're doing"

You know your lifestyle is not healthy when even your doctor is making fun of it. Also, the way she was making fun of me (her patient) reminded how I was talking to some of my patients on several occasions. I finally got a tatse of my own poison ... and it felt sooo good!


kinzi said...

Always refreshing to hear a doctor admit the same stuff normal folk do.

I need to get some exercise too. Maybe you are inspiring me. :)

Maioush said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA, bab el najjar m5alla Doc! :)

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, it was destined to happen.

Doctors are scary :\