Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Australia: Down UnderEstimated

Along with China, India, Russia and the US, Australia has been another proof that very large countries can easily suck at football. However the Australians made a good decision 60 years too late by leaving the pseudo-continent they're located in and joining the Asian Football Federation.
That made qualification to the WC much easier. They made it to the second round in 2006.

They seem to get better with the years, and we might start seeing them in every world cup. Their chances are not great this time, but I want you to very closely watch their first game against Germany. OK? Against Germany, June 13th, 6.30 pm GMT.

You're welcome.

Clip for Memory:
Australia's 31-0 victory over American Samoa in the 2002 World Cup qualification

In the Picture above: I don't know any Australian football player and I don't think you do. So I have the privilege of downloading the picture of Ms. Naomi Watts, an aspiring Australian actress.


jaraad said...

I wonder how was the American Samoa's self esteem after that game.
I thought 0-17, Palestinian vs Kuwait (women) was the over the top.

Batir Wardam said...

Please remember that Australia were only knocked out in 2006 by the eventual winners Italy through a largely disputed penalty in the 119th minute. This time they come under fire in a very difficult group but they can still cause a surprise or two.

Hareega said...

jaraad... among women's football teams in Arab countries, the women's self-esteem is always law, just because they're women (sexist joke)

Batir... yesss, great point, they played a marvelous game, I really nothing about this team but it doesn't seem to be as strong !