Sunday, June 06, 2010

Greece.... An Incidental Finding

Also known as the least deserved team to win a championship since they won the Euro 2004, Greece is hoping for a lot of luck and prayers just to make it to the second round. Given that they barely qualified in a group that had Switzerland, Latvia, Moldova, Israel and Luxembourg, don't expect them to come in second in a group that has Korea, Nigeria and Argentina.

The man who can lead them ahead is Otto Rehhgal, the same coach who won them the Euro 2004. It looks like the Greek wanna keep this coach even if he gets Alzheimer's disease. Other players they need to count on are Gekas, an occasionally formidable striker.
But the one person who has to excel in South Africa for Greece to have a chance is always the goalkeeper, Kostas Chalkias. One thing for sure: he will be seriously tested.

Clip For Memory

In the Playoffs for the 2010 qualification, Greece faced Ukraine. They drew 0-0 in Greece but Salpiggidis scored this winner for Greece in the Donetsk game, they won 1-0. the clip also gives you a chance to listen to Zorba.


The Picture Above: A clip from the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"

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