Friday, June 04, 2010

Serbia.... Europe's Bitch

Serbia was a complete disaster in the last cup. Not only did they lose their 3 games, but they lost to Argentina 0-6. Even when they were prevented from playing in Euro 1992, that gave a chance for a very beautiful Danish surprise to emerge. It seems like nobody wants to see Serbia play anywhere anymore.

They have added some youngsters to their team, and they kept very few experienced ones like Stankovic, who can be a real monster in the midfield and can turn around any game. Two other players to count on: Vidic in defence and Mrda in the front.

That Mrda guy has very little international experience, but he doesn't have a problem scoring a shit load of goals in any game. He hasn't played against big teams yet, and I don't know if their coach whose name I don't know will even let him play, but if he does he can score a few goals.

Serbia has definitely failed to carry on the respectable legacy of a very good Yugoslavia football team, but they can change that. Not this cup though. They'll be playing Germany, Ghana and Australia.

Clip For Memory

The most memorable World Cup moment for them was their loss to Argentina 6-0. This is the second goal for Argentina, coming after 22 excellent passes. Two years earlier, Serbia also lost to Argentina 6-0 in the Olympic Games.


In the picture above: Bojan Krkic, who realized it might be better for his career to represent Spain rather than his native country Serbia.


shamma said...

I think Bojan Krkic is not eligible to play for serbia. He seems to have made his spanish debut (according to wikipedia).

Hareega said...

yep, but he chose to. ONce a player plays his first international game with a team he should stick with it