Thursday, June 10, 2010

Top 50 Goals in World Cup History

There are a lot of clips on youtube on the best goals ever scored in the World Cup. I think this list is the best one, maybe you won't agree with the ranking, I don't think you can find 2 people who can agree on one list, but I think it really contains the best 50 goals ever scored. Besides, they are fast and mention the player's name and the game.

In my opinion: the best free kick ever was that of Cubillas in 1978.
Best solo effort: Diego Maradona.
Best team work: the last goal on the list of Brasil plus Cambiasso's against Serbia in 2006.
Best shot from outside the box : Socrates against USSR.
Fastest son-of-a-bitch : Maradona and Stoichkov

Enjoy the magic!!

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best outside the box goal: