Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Germany.... Wake Me Up When the World Cup Comes

Germany is a team that doesn't bother to play football unless it matters. It's the exact opposite of other teams like Spain and the Netherlands that have great talents but very few championships.
Germany stays dormant, gets its ass handed to it in friendlies, qualifications and even occasional matches in the World Cup, but some way, somehow, manages to go very far in World Cups.

Even their first World Cup final win against Hungary in 1954 was a huge shocker, as they have lost 3-8 in the first round. They produced great talents in the 1970s, cheated their way into the final in 1982, but in 1990 they had a magical team and won the final games with a gift from the Mexican referee.

Since 1990, they haven't produced a single world-class player. Even Miroslav Klose, the World Cup top goals scorer in 2006, was almost never placed among the best strikers in the world. Almost their entire current squad plays in Germany. German goalkeepers had the reputation of being the best in the world, but the most experienced in this selection played only five international matches.

It's well-known that you can never underestimate the Germans: they can punish you really hard. Even with this team, Germany can still make it to the semi-finals, and with players like Lahm, Mario Gomez and Muller they can even win the Cup. I hope not.

Clip For Memory
Since we are tired of seeing goals, let's remember this famous encounter between Voller and Rijkaard in 1990. Voller had a little argument with Rijkaard and got a red card, and on his way out Rijkaard spat on him, for which Rijkaard was sent off immediately. Later on the players agreed to appear together in a Lurpak commercial. Then they became head coaches of their national teams.


In the Picture Above: Thomas Muller, the striker, for every Germany selection must have a player named Muller.


Batir said...

For your own sake you should hope that Germany does not make it to the semi-final as this will be at the expense of Argentina. If both countries finish top of their groups they will go head to head in the quarter final.

Rand said...

I want to see a match like Germany's against Italy in 2006. Only this time with Argentina. I thought Germany fans were extinct, but I'm seeing more every day!

Batir said...

Germany Fans in Jordan are not extinct but guys usually do not claim they support Germany as they prefere to show off their loyalty to Italy to attract girls. If you watch any game in Al Ahli Club of Al Jeel Club where the Circassians are, you will find hundreds of youth saluting the German team with the Nazi sign. There is no Circassian family that does not have fans of Germany!

Hareega said...

Batir.... I sure hope they'll make it to the quarter-finals against Argenntina.... o sweeeet revenege, they will cry their eyes out

Rand... they always exist, they cheer for nayatah , for minimum-effort play