Saturday, July 09, 2005

غســان كنفـــاني

Today marks the 33rd anniversary for the assasination of Ghassan Kanafani

The first novel I read for him was " رجال في الشمس "
"Rejal fel shams"

and in the end I came by this question:
" لماذا لم يقرعوا جدران الخزان ؟؟"

Just trying to answer it made me think of the misery the Palestenians are going through.

They killed him because he wrote against them, because he said the truth ... you can tell they are afraid of writers just as they are afraid of guns.

His words were his weapon.

God bless his soul.


madas said...

I always loved ghassan kanafani, another victim of corruption... other one is Naji il Ali...I remember when I read this book, i had to stay home few days, in total depression... i was so sad, so upset that my parents had to forbid me reading him!

hareega said...

I feel so depressed whenever i see any of ali's cartoons, he's so deep and one cartoon can make you cry, i might even name my child 7anthala.
if it's not too personal why did ur parents prevent you from seeing his cartoons?

madas said...

No, not Naji il Ali, but Ghassan kanafani. I was not allowed to read Ghassan kanafani, because i got so depressed when i read Rijal ta7t il Shams! I locked myself in my room for three days... :) I was very young at the time, and they thought that i should not read him, till i am a bit older... Now, that i am older, just looking at Ghassan kanafani's book brings some sadness to my heart! it was that strong :)

AFCGK said...

If you love Ghassan Kanafani and the work that his wife Anni is doing with palestinian teachers for popular education in palestinian refugees camps in Lebanon, you can have a look on our website
E.KERIVEL for the bureau of AFCGK (french official support committee of Ghassan Kanafani Cultural Foundation)