Sunday, July 24, 2005

I'm proud to be an Arab

Maybe this is not our time, maybe we're destined to have some sick people, but sick people exist and have always existed among all ethnicities and religions. They've killed millions of civilians -maybe not in metros - but in their tents and gas chambers and in their houses and in front of their kids.

Arabs do not carry terrorist genes, but among hundreds of million of oppressed people a few thousands got access to weapons and those morons easily brainwashed young boys, convinced them to start fighting "the Great Satan" by killing civilians. I don't want to talk for long about terrorism because it's a pain, but even if the world considers Arabs the most dangerous and hateful people on earth, I am still so proud of being an Arab and any crime committed in my name does not make me a partner in it.

Maybe we weren't strong enough in denouncing terrorism and criticizing terrorist attack like 9/11 and other, but not too many people cried when we cried or told us kind words when we needed to hear them. We should not be punished or accused for being indifferent.

The bottom line is that I'm an Arab, and I was raised to be proud of who I am, and sure I am so damn proud of being an Arab and nobody on earth will ever change that.


madas said...

Many of us are proud Hareega! and I hope more would understand that we are not terrorrist and as you said should not be punished for the errors of a bunch of sick individuals... .

Basbooos said...

no one said we are not proud but i think the solution to such terrorist acts should come from within us. something should be done from inside the arab world to fight this kind of idealogy that is spreading very fast.

Hareega said...

MAriam.... always be stay proud!

Basboos... i can't agree more, we should resist them, they are the enemies from within

Dr. Jamee said...

First of all, I am an Arab. am I proud to be so? Is there anything that makes me proud except Arab's History? I'm not quite sure if I am proud, but the thing that I am very sure of is that Arabs now, have a great share of responsibility for their misery and backwardness. Not few Arabs blame the "Great Satan". In other words, blame anyone but themselves, forgetting the verse of the Quran that says: "Ena Allah la yogiro ma beqwomen 7ata yogiro ma ba'nfosehem".

Anonymous said...

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