Friday, July 01, 2005

Yer7am Jedko!

Nothing pisses me off in Jordan than seeing a "modern" dude or dudette who think they are superior to others just because their father was lucky enough, if not corrupt enough, to have a job with a good income. I believe that many rich people deserve every ta3reefeh they have because they worked hard to get it, but that never makes them, under any circumstance, better than others. A prime minister is in no way a better person or more decent than the man who cleans his house or fills his car with gas.

Many times I wish I can stop some of these morons in the street and yell at them
يرحم جدك ، مات وهو بتهاوش مع الحمار على قشرة بطيخ
I can never forget the face of my classmate when I told him we were going to al-Kal7a (Kal7a is the major hummus -falafel restaurant in Jordan which keeps many people alive, and every other fart produced in Jordan is attributed to its delicious food)
"Beddak eyyani ana..... ana ... aroo7 3al Kal7a!" He was looking at me disgust as if I just cussed his parents (as I actually did later) . In America such attitudes exist, but you always see some important people like american presidents and well-known scientists standing in line to get a meal from a fast-food place.
If someone thinks s/he is superior to others, he can get the hell out of Jordan and go somewhere else where people can better appreciate him. Otherwise, have some damn respect to your people, they were created by the same god that created you. A big heart is much better than a big house, a clean soul is better than clean clothes. As someone said, to know how rich someone is, see how many things he has that money cannot buy.


Jad said...

walah ya hareega hatha el modoo3 hareega.
What I can say , اوجزت فابدعت

Roba said...

Hmm, that's weird Hareega, I'm quite surprised. I don't see many people like that in Jordan, everyone seems generally very easy going, and Kal7a, Hashem, Al-Qods, Reem, etc, seem to be favored places among both the rich and the poor.

hareega said...

thanx man...

well i've seen so many people who are not so easy going, they treat others like slaves. As for those restuarants you know falafel and shawerma cause a bad addiction so they can't help it but stop by and eat every while and then! But looking how many of them treat or think of others is so pathetic. Such people worth nothing without their money.... bad education bad minds no hobbies no talents nothing at all!