Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Ten things Jordanians should do after price change

Those are my suggestions to people !

1- Stop driving half an hour to find a parking lot. Park anywhere and walk your ass to wherever you wanna go.

2- Even if you have money, be humble enough to take a bus every while and then. Don't worry it won't show on your C.V.

3- Life is the best school, no need for further education.

4- Recycle your urine.

5- Stop using the term "khales kaazo" because it's not funny anymore.

6- If mansaf gives that tremendous energy to humans, we should study it as an alternative to gasoline.

7- To hell with doctors and medicine.... Herbs Rock!

8- Guys: be prepared to stay single for half a century.
Girls: start looking for husbands abroad.

9- Having ten kids wouldn't help liberate Palestine as once thought. Please use condoms.

10- Delete the phrase "Shu el-7alawaan" from your dictionary.


PALFORCE said...

Those are very funny :-)

Hareega said...

thanx man, Alla yojbor bi khatrak zay ma jabart bi khaatri :D