Monday, July 04, 2005

New Government in Jordan .... Mabrook!!!!

So Dr. Badran just formed his new cabinet less than 3 months ago. Now there is a major change. Five ministers resigned (were fired) and 9 joined. So in less than 3 months there are 4 more ministers. On this rate I assure you that in 10 years the government will consist of 100,000 ministers o ra7 ybattel fee sha3eb yen7akem.

One of the main reasons for this change is that the prime minister forgot to add ministers from the South into his cabinet, so ahel el janoob gabba3at ma3hom. Now he forgot to add Jordanian Palestinian ministers so this change resulted in the resignation of the Parliament member Khalil Atiyyeh, because there aren't enough "Jordanians of Palestinian origins" in the government. More resignations are expected in the next few days.

So is a third major change only a matter of time now?? And who would resign after it? Ahel el shamal, wella el Saltiyyeh wella el Karakiyyeh?

IF changes in the government would result in the resignation of the Parliament, I'm so much with them! Way to go!

May God bless Jordan....


Linda said...

viva la jordan!

Anonymous said...

هلا عمي هلا
قولتك بيلحقني دور وبصير وزير ؟


SugarCubes said...

lol I'm the most ignorant among you when it comes to Jordan's politics (and many other things) but seriously, howe sho fe? laish kul youm 7okoome? weird :S

Hareega said...

Linda... allez allez allez!

Tareg 7adder 7alak balki el sanhe il jaay

SC... Jordanian politics is more complicated than it seems to be, and just like politics in any other country ma beeji menha ella waja3 raas , a7sanlo el wa7ad yeb3ed 3anha