Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Assassinations !!!

I'm in my evil mode today, so here are some historical clips of famous assasinations as pictured LIVE on TV

The famous assasination of Anwar al-Sadat in 1981

The assasination of JFK in 1963

And this is the assassination of his assassin!!!


When Ronald Reagan was shot in 1981

This is the assasination of the Japanese prime miniter (don't know his name, I'll call him Suzuki)


This is an assassination attempt of the Pope in 1970


amjad mahfouz said...

Hahahaha poor suzuki, he was so boring, if i was there i would probably do the same thing.
thx for the share man

Mala2e6 said...

على هالصبح

و الناس لسة بتقول يا كريم

و اساسينشن

انا بس اشوف اغتيلات بحزن كتير
ما بعرف ليش
بحس انه الزلمة كانه انغدر يا ولداه

يعني اكيد انغدر مش رح يخبروه انه رح ينقتل بس برضة احساس بالغدر مش حلو

هدا اسمه يا حريقة مش سوزوكي

هدا سوني ابن عمه لناشونال اللي غير اسمه بعدين لباناسونيك

(عشان يتخبى)


Tiger said...

did suzuki die tayeb?

by the way the last video ma fehmtoosh kan be7koo bel senseccreetee lesa el yabanaee ashal 3al aqal efhemet 3a suzuki:)

gret post very nice idea

Mohanned Al-arabiat said...

Sho hath ya zalameh!!Visit my website and check what I call "videos"..

Hareega said...

hala amjad, if i find more bloody videos i'll make sure to post them

mala2e6... fee menno, like stabbing the back, except that Japanese dude he stabbed the prime minister bi noss karsho :D

tiger, thanx man yeah i didn't understand the japanese dude bas mesh mohem, el mohem il sikkineh bi nuss karsho

abu el arabiyyat i will when i leave work

7aki fadi said...

you can also add Martin Luther king

malcom X

Sel3 said...

bas Suzuki ma e3'talo, dal yokel katel o yokel katel o wen el janb ele bwaj3ak ta 3eref eno allah 7ak!

jameed said...

this is not the japanese prime minister. this person was the head of the japanese socialist party and he was assassinated with a sword on camera by some right wing fanatic.