Monday, April 23, 2007

Does your brain make you brainless?

I was a reading about a recent study comparing the brain formation and functioning of people from different political parties (Democrates and Republicans) and the amazing results showed that the structure and functioning of their brains are different.

Sounds just an interesting piece which you can read on Al-Rai's last page or in a column in Majalet Sayyedati

For me , it just brought me back the same old thought that we might not have a soul.

Have you ever thought, that we are not really human beings? If you haven't had this thought before, try to think of it.... maybe we were created from flesh and bone and all our thoughts are results of how our brain stuructures were created.

If you're hard-working it's not because you're responsible, it's just because your brain structure and chemicals made you a hard-working person.

If you love being a doctor it's not because you were inspired by an episode ER it's because the chemicals in your brain made you make that decision.

If you like to drive fast and wanna be a playboy it's your brain structure and chemicals. The way you talk to others, your thoughts and beliefs and behavior is nothing related to your choice but it's all merely an interaction between your brain structure and the environemnt around it. It's all chemistry and physics interacting but in the shape of a human being.

That's why a democrate is a democrate, it's his brain. That's why a republican is a republican , it's the way his brain was made up.

Even your response to what I'm saying now is not your option it's just the way your brain is designed to be. You have no say in it.

I hate thinking of a human being to be so helpless and powerless, but it might be true.

or maybe not?

do we really have a soul ??


jasim said...

I thought about that too, and I don't know the answer to be honest. But as a human being there is this spark about each and every one of us and I think it might be the soul.

Mohanned Al-arabiat said...

If it is all about how god created us then you can say that there is no god!!The trend now is to explain every human behaviour scientifically which is making science more like a tool to prove ideologies..Science is not like this, science is to make our lives easier and more productive, not to make us fight and compare...

Hareega said...

jasim... it could be, i don't want to assume that we are just masses of moving molecules ... it's good to believe there's a soul in each

mohanned... I didn't deny the existence of God, never will I. I'm asking a valid question adn no questions should be forbidden from being asked. There's nothing wrong in thinking scientifically about everything especially that science and religion do not contradict. Maybe God created us like that.

Summer said...

Very interesting!!! i thought you might wanted to say that there is a chemical imbalance in the republican's brain that make them think this way....wait a minute... I meant not think at all!!!
(i thought i left a comment a minute ago but it does not seem to appear...there might be aduplicate to this one)

Mohanned Al-arabiat said...

I wasn't refering to you, in general now science is used to explain behaviours, if we are animals then this would make sence but we are human that have the abiliy to make logical decisions not based on instinct..

7aki Fadi said...


First : the picture is HILARIUOS. Do you remember the episode(s) when homer see's a donut and his brain turns into pure liquid fat and he becomes stupid and just starts drooling in a kinda "mentally challenged"

Second: you forgot a very important factor, hormones (but aren’t they also controlled by the brain?)

Third: (completely unrelated)
OK, lets assume that people do have souls and lets assume for a second that we get reincarnated. Lets also assume that the world population started with one million people. Now the population is like six billion or something. So does each person receive a fraction of a soul? Is that why with the passage of time honour and bravery are a fraction of what they used to be?

Fourth: I need an Arabic funny post like the يلعن أبو هالشغلة Yalllaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

Ilm said...

OMG! there are some serious debates going on here...;))

We mostly make use of something called 'mind' a psychic organ which has a profound influence upon the brain, a biochemical organ – a part of the human body. Some people say that both the soul and the mind are connected to the Creator and the heavenly realms. It is the mind that gives all of us the sense of cognition and a sense of beingness.

Okay, that was one way of taking things. But, what I always say- see the other side of the coin...
Even if we consider the above statement true, what about the flux of ions and electrical currents in little specks of the neurons in brain generate the whole subjective world of sensations like red, warmth, cold or pain? By what magic is matter transmuted into the invisible fabric of feelings and sensations?

This is yet to be answered by neuroscience, may be one day we'll unleash it out.

Oh, between, I thought to keep my nick - 'Ilm' cos I have become a frequent anonymous commenter :D

Qwaider قويدر said...

I for one, refuse the idea that everything was -somehow- forced onto us. Genetics, fate or whatever. I think we make our choice and we suffer because of that.
The idea is simple really, the minute we start finding excuses for everything in a physical way, or a genetic way, we start blaming these factors for our defficiencies.

Oh, I'm an alcoholic because my body was designed like that
I smoke because it's in my genes
I am an idiot after my father!
I'm republican by inheritance!

I say, this is all bull! EVEN if the brains of people were proven beyond any shaddow of a doubt to be completely different it still means squat because, we still don't understand how brain functions! If you look for differences you will find them! But I'm sure if we look deeper, we will discover that our choice is the most powerful tool we have!

Tiger said...
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Tiger said...


3a golet 7aki yel3an abo hal sha'3leh mo'7ee galab zay elee bel sorah lama gareet hal post bered la7ad ma enkamash.....LOL

see i think it is a bit of mix of both soul and chemistry I think the soul is the ions and neutrons and the magnetic field stuff and the chemistry is the hurmons created by human brains ..

once I saw a TV documentary that talked about ppl who had new hearts ..I dont know if u saw it before but it is a very intresting research about if u have a new heart u start loving the things his old owner used to do and stuff food,sports,music and even some memories it is a strange documentary but if it is true some of u doctors should make research and explain what the hell is this le2noo according to what i know mafeshee selek bein el tnain (EL mo'7 wel galb wela laykoonoo el shabab sha'3aleen blue tooth)

Anonymous said...

Well, going after Q's post, even from a genetic point of view- it's a combination of both your genes and environment that results in the "final product".
This reminds me of the "if you're a lefty you're into arts, if you're a righty you're into science" deal, and I think that a lot more evidence needs to be provided before that starts to sound convincing!

Hareega said...

summer... i was on the verge of saying so, just wanted to be neutral

7aki fadi, not all homrones are made in the brain, but normal people have almost the same level of hormones and the hormone structure is identical among them (that's why the same insulin is given to all people for example). Hormones should not cause a difference in thinking among human beings.
Well you're assuming many things in your assumptions. A lot of people do not believe in reincarnation and a lot of them do not believe that it's only one soul that is being reincarnated. I'm among the people who believe each human being has a different soul.

I saw like ten Simposns episodes in my life so i can't recall the one you mentioned !!

Ilm thanx for making up a name that's much better than anonymous... neurology research is yet to reveal millions of unanswered questions, the problem with it is that the more we know the more we know that we don't know!

tiger... that is very interesting i'll try to read more about it!! I really have no idea what can explain that...
The Greek used to think that the pancreas is the emotional center of the body, turned out to be wrong. It's the organ that can be easily damaged by drinking too much :)

Qwaider... I would love to believe so, I actually believe in that right now, that the human being himself is more pwerful than his body, but maybe some research will challenge this idea in the future...

anonymous... agree with that, we need some evidence, i'm not sure though that one day we'll ever be able to obtain evidence about that

The Observer said...

hareega, I loved what you have wrote.

I personally believe that we don't have real choices in our lives. It is all connected to our genes and environment. It is simple as Newton's first law "Each action has a reaction", where if we have this super computer which can calculated every single reaction since the dawn of time, it would certainly predict the future.

That means like religious people believe: We are destined. But our destiny doesn't mean that it has been set by a God altough it might be.

I am not sure whether we have a soul or not. I still can't understand the awarness part of our brain, maybe it is the part connected with the soul or it is the soul itself. I don't know.