Sunday, April 08, 2007

No Jews Allowed

"I don't want a Jewish doctor to see me"

The request from my sick patient was a bit shocking. I've met him half an hour ago. He had told me that he had a few Arab friends and that he respected the Arabic culture. After seeing him I told him we had to call a cardiologist (heart) and GI (stomach) doctor to evaluate him, then he made this shokcing request, "Please I prefer that no Jewish doctors would see me"

In medicine, the patient-doctor relationship is sacred and doctors should do their best to preserve it, therefore any request the patient makes should be done as long as it does not contradict with the work ethic.

His request clearly did.

Maybe he assumed that being an Arab I would be receptive to his request. I hate Israel, I think it is an abusive country that killed and is still killing innocent civilians let alone stealing their land, but I can never hate a person solely for his religion or belief.

If I refuse to be discriminated against I should not accept it to others and prevent it if possible. Racism is racism is racism.

I had to immediately respond to his request. This is something they don't teach you in medical school. Yes they teach you that there should be no discrimination at work and you should not whistle to a nurse if you think she's hot but you're sometimes placed in situation you never thought you'd be placed in (I just remembered the schizophrenic in Fuhais who wanted to marry my sister)

I said, "they're all the same, religion doesn't matter"
"Yeah but I prefer non-Jewish docs"

I left the room and grabbed his chart. I had to call two doctors, one for his heart and the other for his stomach. Since that was a private hospital I had a very long list of doctors to pick from to come and see him.
Subconsciously, I found myself calling Dr. Goldberg for his heart and Dr. Cohen for his stomach. Next day was my last day at that hospital and another resident, Dr. Shuman, took over my service.

I didn't stay long to know what happened to that guy, but I'm sure it was lots of fun!


Mohanned Al-arabiat said...

Thats funny:D

Sel3 said...

but Cohin and Goldberg are Jewish names, no?

Hareega said...

yes they are jewish names dude, that's the whole point (i'm evil)

an oriental blog said...

y3ni 3njad the Arabic mentality that makes us think that there is always a conspiracy on us has got to stop! Maybe this man thinks that a jewish doctor will poison him just becaue he's jewish. Sometimes, when it doesn't rain here, they say the jews took our rain lol. we should differentiate between Zionism and Israel as an occupational country, and the Jewish religion.

Tiger said...

3an jad ur evil hareeega hahaha.

I think if this guys sees u ....ya 7abeebee ur most wanted now for him hehehe:)

Sel3 said...

i wanted to give you a chance balash azlobmak. bas wal 3aleek sho shren!!

Firas said...

Oriental blogger:

The patient is not Arab, I would safely say he's a white white supremacist (look it up at Wiki) or something

I don't know Faris, mayne you should have told the doctors about the whole thing before they went there.

Anyways, that was genius!

El Maseeh Qam!

Hareega said...

lol oriental blog as Firas said he's not an Arab or Muslim, there's a lot of anti-Jewish feelings among most other ethnicities, which i do not support. My feelings are against the country of ISrael and the way it was founded and is still being supported, if it was not a Jewish establishment I would still be against it.

tiger... i know i'm sometimes evil, but appropriately evil, when necessary :D

sel3... ah ba3raf ana sharrani but only when needed

firas... no i wouldn't tell them that, i even told the resident coming that the patient is a very pleasant person!

Hareega said...

firas..and 7aqqan qaam... thanx

Indiazinha Cacau said...

Some patients don't wanna be seen by female doctors, others by gay doctors, and others by Jewish doctors...but the only thing that can't be hidden is the gender :-D