Saturday, November 15, 2008

A little micro-blogging

-- For those in the US, Linen and Things is going out of business. Local stores have an 80% discount and on top of that you get a 25% discount on your final purchase.
Man, I can't wait for Macy's and BestBuy to go bankrupt, that would be the best day of my life.

-- Lindsay Lohan said she might be bisexual. Can someone tell that girl that the only we'll care about her is when she gets drunk and hits a tree.

-- I saw Tyra Banks on the Today Show (yes I'm transforming into a desperate housewife) saying that one out of 5 teenage girls wants to become a teen mom. Man, once a black guy becomes president the whole country turns black.

- After gay marriage was banned in California, gays there took the streets. All protests were crushed when policemen threw cappuccino that is not fat-free at the protesters.

- HM Queen Rania won the Youtube Visionary Award after she posted inspiring videos on youtube. Hard Luck to that guy from "The Evolution of Dancing".

- France's minister of foreign affairs said that Obama's election brings great hope. Ok you French motherf--kers, when you elect an Algerian president you can start talking.

- Quote from Bill Maher, " When we make a joke about Obama, we're not making a joke about all black people, anymore than when we made a joke about President Bush, we were making a joke about all mentally challenged people"


Devilstine™ said...

hehehe< about gays and non-fat!

Anonymous said...

The last too were the best :D

Krystal Bell 541/2 years of age. said...

*Lindsey Lohan said she might be bisexual*.When will she find out?And what in the world will she have to do to make sure that she is?I'm sure it will be so much better for her ,when she knows that she is in fact, with certainty.Then she perhaps would welcome the process of posing in bed in some magazine and be interviewed and also she could announce it on national television.That would give her an opportunity to strengthen her publicity and fading profile.There seems to be some slack in interesting stories about her lately.

Maybe the falling economy might affect her getting movie roles to her liking,when we think about it.The public is also quite fickle about which movie stars are hot and which once are so out.

And,also when we think about it, it will be good for any future husband of hers to know if his wife is bisexual or heterosexual.I would take a guess that not many men look for bisexual nor homosexual women to marry.Then on the other hand what do I know?!Except that I would never marry a bi nor homosexual man.Especially homosexual,I do not think a woman is capable to turn on a homosexual man.I do not know about women,because I'm so straight.

Hareega said...

Well Krystal I wouldn't blame her for saying whatever she wants to say, I blame the media which keeps covering such stories. Really the only news I want to hear about entertainment is when an actor or actress dies, otherwise i'll go to the entertainment section to read about their personal lives.

secratea said...

I was walking in downtown Minneapolis today as protesters were gathered in clusters but weren't taking the street. Honestly, they were well organized and the police was there just to make sure they don't take the street.
anyway, the protest in California would have been quite a scene!

Ali said...

haha I liked the Non fat cappucinos! and Bush Obama joke